Whole 30 – Week 1

Thank you everyone so much for such a great response on my book release and for the birthday wishes. Don’t forget the giveaway is still going on until Friday. 

I am officially on day 9 with the whole 30 challenge and things are going great! I was a little worried about the ‘hangover phase’ where people reported feeling foggy and lethargic for the first few days but thankfully I haven’t felt anything different. I have found that planning meals ahead of time and stocking up on pantry staples definitely make things easier.

Out of the three meals per day, I am struggling the most with my breakfast because a girl can only eat eggs so many times for breakfast.

soft boiled eggs with  leftover chicken and veggies, scrambled eggs with chicken sausage, and breakfast hash from the book but replaced regular potatoes with sweet potatoes.

For a change, I made this raw chocolate banana ice-cream and it was truly delightful. Whole 30 doesn’t support the idea of paleofying desserts/breakfasts but I really needed something else besides eggs. Chia-pudding with sliced bananas were great too.

Lunch and dinner has been mostly roasted vegetables, chicken, or salmon. Shakshuka and naked chicken dumpling soup was amazing (I have been meaning to share the dumpling recipe but no luck with pictures yet). .

In case you were wondering if I was missing my carbs (grains, pasta)..I’d be lying if I said no. I miss oatmeal in the morning mostly..I am so glad to have discovered ‘cauliflower ‘rice’  – it goes so well with chicken and eggplantPS. I have a Spring-inspired cauliflower ‘rice’ recipe coming your way on Wednesday.

For someone with a giant sweet tooth, I am really not craving for sugar or chocolate…I have been snacking mostly on fruits, nuts, and dates. These raw apricot truffles with saffron from the book have been perfect for my pre and post workout.

Talking about workouts, some of you were interested about my workout..I was worried too about my energy level but I don’t feel anything different. I am able to do my regular workouts (1 hour, 3-4 times a week) but make sure to eat a small snack and stay hydrated.

Having a supportive group of people around me (friends, families, and co-workers) have been extremely helpful.

my co-workers know me too well 🙂

Unlike last year, this year I chose to have a low key evening and dinner at Chipotle. Since I don’t eat beef, I have found eating out on whole30 to be extremely limited..Even though Chipotle is not 100% whole30 compliant, I did my best with a chicken salad, veggies, and salsa. I ate at another place ‘Cowboy Chicken‘, somewhat whole30 compliant. I got all white 1/4 chicken, veggies, and plain-baked sweet potatoes.


…okay so for the most part everything is going great, however, I noticed sudden breakouts on my forehead especially on day 3. Few people who are doing whole30 told me it could be ‘skin detoxing’. The acne has however subsided now..let’s see how things go this week.

That is all for week 1…If there is anything I did not cover and you guys want to know, just ask me on the comment or email me 🙂

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