What to Cook When Stuck at Home

If you are stuck at home due to corona virus (or other emergencies), I have complied recipes and meal ideas for you and your family.

With the corona virus pandemic upon us, a lot of us are home-bound, maintaining our social distance, or trying to feed kids and families at home. This is a very weird/scary/chaotic times and I honestly don’t know how things will unfold in the next couple of weeks or months to come. I have complied recipes and meal ideas categorized into soups/stews/chili, stir-fry/fried-rice, pasta/casserole, snacks/bites, pizza/sandwich/wraps, and a few wish-list recipes for you. Hope this will help you and your family navigate meals and snacks during this challenging time.

First Use Up Fresh Produce or Leftovers in the Fridge

Let’s start by using up ingredients you already have such as fresh product, meat, and leftovers. I am a huge fan of making soups and stews with different veggies and meat…or stir fry. Soups and stews will last 3-5 days or can be stored in the freezer for later use. If you are not in the mood for cooking, you can dice/slice/cut veggies and place them in a zip-lock bag and freeze for later use. Fresh herbs can be used to make pesto, chimichurri sauce, or preserve them in olive oil.

Soup/Stews/Chili Recipe ideas:



Stir-Fry/Fried Rice Ideas:





Pasta/Casserole Recipe Ideas:





Snacks/Bites Inspiration:





Sandwich, Wrap & Pizza Recipe Ideas:





Breakfast Ideas:




Recipes probably on your bucket-list :





Please utilize groceries you already have on hand first, shop your fridge, pantry, and freezer. I feel truly grateful to have the a well-stocked kitchen but that isn’t the case for everyone right now. If possible, shop locally and support farmers and businesses in your community as this epidemic is hitting them and their families very hard.

Stay safe, healthy, & strong.



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