Three Things Thursday

I have been exploring Fort Worth a lot lately and so far I am loving everything this city has to offer. Good vibes, delicious food, and great people. I might do a post dedicated to Things to Do in Fort Worth here in the near future…



Recently, I received a 2 in 1 Fruit Zester and Cheese Grater via Raya’s κουζίνα, something  I never cared for but so far it’s been pretty useful in the kitchen. If you are looking to get one (which i think you should), consider getting it from here http://www.rayaskitchen.com/fphdeals/ (ps. they are giving a 30% coupon after you subscribe to their mailing list). You can order one for only $7.69, Free Shipping for Amazon Prime members (retailing for $21.99).



Yesterday a viscous, mean dog attacked my tiny little Bailey. Thank God nothing happened to her, however I had to make a quick trip to the ER because I sliced my hand open with her leash. Thanks to the lovely gentleman who decided to let his dog roam free at a public park. For heaven’s sake….           .
Have a wonderful weekend.

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