Spur of the Moment : Atlanta

A Random Trip – Eleven Hours Drive – Great City

Last Minute Decision – One Wonderful Weekend. 

warning: this is a image heavy post



The boyfriend and I decided to drive 11 hours to Atlanta for the weekend – a last minute decision taken at 7 pm. In between finding a hotel for



packing, and driving all night – everything was very much worth it.





I made sure we had plenty of snacks.

Check this

before you travel (by air or road).





Our friend was very kind to let us crash at his place, entertain us, and be a tour guide as well. While I was happy walking around the CNN center and excited to spot Nepal’s flag, my friends preferred to jump and fly.



It was little humid but overall a beautiful day to walk around downtown. Apparently, the ferris wheel is new here but we chose to enjoy the view of the city from


, revolving on the 73rd floor.





Dragon Con

was going on so we did some people watching as well.





Don’t forget to stop by the

Cafe Intermezzo

. They have an extensive drink menu (a booklet that takes some serious reading) and some really authentic desserts imported from Italy.



The boyfriend & I walked around Little Five Points, a hipsterish area with graffiti, record/novelties/used clothes stores, coffee shops etc.




We brunched at


, a recommendation from my friend

Laura @ sprint2thetable

. This place had the best fried cheese grits.








A good chunk of Sunday afternoon was spent at the Georgia Tech as the boys reminisced their time at the architecture school.





I was kind of bummed that it rained and we could not go to

Piedmont Park

or the food truck, however, I was so happy to make a quick stop at the mall to meet

Shashi (RunninSrilankan)

and her lovely mother and the wonderful daughter.




And soon before we realized – it was time for another 11 hours drive back home.





We also ate at an Indian restaurant called


– by far the most delicious Indian food in my experience. Expect a little chaos, at least half an hour wait but the food is worth every bite. Chicken 65 & bhagaray baigan was my most favorite dish of all and if you are a beef eater – I hear the Nihari here is just wonderful.

How was your Labor day weekend?

Have you been to Atlanta before?

In the past – we randomly flew to

Boston for 30 hours


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