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…so once upon a time I ran and trained for a half-marathon. I thought running was it for me. While the idea of running still excites me, lately I have diversified my fitness beyond just that. Right after my half marathon (last year), my fitness philosophy has slowly evolved into more weight training, yoga, and walking rather than JUST running. It is much more flexible and I don’t feel compelled to run certain miles like I did. The definition of fitness says it’s “the condition of being physically fit and healthy” but I think it should extend to our emotional and mental health as well. We, including myself, focus so much on physical health (looking a certain way) that often time we lose track of our mental and emotional health which are equally, if not more important.This post is a reminder to everyone that don’t get too caught up on numbers, calories, weight. Numbers have their own special place and application but don’t let it rule you. It’s probably good to to know your average weight, total caloric intake, and how many miles you can run etc but they are JUST numbers. It is not a TOTAL indicator of your health. It really upsets me when I see Instagram posts on bare-clothed humans showing off their bods and claiming to survive off of two bites of food. How are you still alive and are you genuinely happy inside out?I have gained some weight because of this relaxed fitness regime but I feel much better on the inside. I feel stronger because I can lift and I am in more peace when I can touch my toes. And I don’t feel guilty not working out because guess what, I have a dog who loves to walk and we both get quality time together when we do. It’s a win-win situation for all.
Most importantly don’t sweat too much if  you can’t run, lift, cross fit, yoga, or whatever the next person is doing. Fitness is about how it makes YOU feel, so find what makes you happy, strong, and healthy. And that’s okay if that activity stops giving you the same excitement like it once did, find something else to jive with.

So tell me about your fitness lately.

Dixya Bhattarai

Dixya Bhattarai

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