Snacking Healthy While Traveling {Recipe Redux}

Recipe Redux challenge this month was very appropriate because summer is the time we all travel, take vacations either by road or by air. I don’t know about you guys but if I am traveling, I always look forward to making frequent stops at the gas stations or airport stores to buy candy, chips and gummies. Traveling by air is little strict because of the TSA regulations and also depending upon the airport you are traveling from – your snacking options will vary. 

Within the past few times I have travelled, I have been packing my own snacks and realized that I am not impulsively buying more chips and candies I can finish thus reducing waste and saving myself from hundreds of empty calories. The snack options at gas stations, airlines, and airport stores are not cheap either. So here are some tips to eat healthy snacks while traveling this summer :

By Air (always check with your airline/airport/country regulations)
– Carry a sturdy fruit such as an orange, apple, pears, cherries, grapes with a side of peanut butter. Avoid banana and avocado as they tend to get mushy if kept in the bag for too long.
– Make trail mix by combining your favorite dry fruits, nuts, seeds, and chocolate chips if you have a sweet tooth in individual ziplock bags. 
– Pack peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread. 
Granola barscrackers, and sliced veggies are always great to have. I usually buy string cheese, yogurt, or hummus at the airport.
– I am not a big fan but beef/ turkey jerky is another great option. Remember, it is high in sodium though.
– Popcorns are always fun to snack on. Jazz it up with some cinnamon sugar or garlic salt. 
– Pack your favorite baked goods. Some of my favorites are: Black Bean Brownies, Double Cherry Chocolate Muffins,Chocolate Avocado Banana Bread (vegan)Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (whole wheat). Check out the recipe index for more. 
– If you are on a budget, carry your water bottle (empty it out before the security) and fill up the bottle at the water fountain.  
– I usually carry my favorite tea bag and ask for hot water at airport stores or with the flight attendant.

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By Road:Traveling by road definitely has more options & less restrictions. You can snack on all of the above plus check out few more ideas here: 

– I always recommend carrying a cooler if you have space in the car. 
– Make sandwiches ahead of time: turkey/ham/roast beef and cheese or PBJ on 100% whole wheat. 
– low-fat yogurt, part-skim string cheese to snack with crackers.
– Cut up fruits, vegetables like celery, carrots, bell peppers. They are a great accompaniment with peanut butter, hummus, or your favorite dip. 
– If your cooler is big enough, buy gallons of water and fill water bottles as you go. Flavor it up with sliced lemon if you like. 

I hope these tips help you eat healthier snacks along the way with some chips, candies, and gummy bears in moderation. Also, don’t forget to check out what other recipe reduxers are snacking on while traveling this summer! 

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