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Salsa Chicken Lettuce Cups

Every Friday at work we alternate between taco and nacho bar. I am such a sucker for Mexican food, I usually pile my salad with chips and salsa..moderation right? Since chips and salsa (store-bought ones with added sugar etc) are off-limits for me right now, I had to settle in with just salad and pretend like the taco bar didn’t exist.

When Ali posted slow cooker salsa chicken I knew I had to make it as soon as possible – it’s a simple, delicious Mexican recipe that should be on your dinner rotation. I love how it’s naturally paleo/whole30 friendly as long as you use natural salsa with no preservatives and sugar. I used to buy Trader Joe’s Salsa; it only has a few ingredients but I noticed that one of them is xanthan gum. I found this new brand of Salsa that has no preservatives, just natural ingredients. But feel free to use this recipe with your favorite salsa. I am already thinking of making it with salsa verde (FYI: Herdez salsa verde has xanthan gum). 



While the chicken cooks, you can catch up on Grey’s Anatomy, read, or take a nap – can you guess which one I did? I read a few pages of this book and took an extended nap. 

Here is the recipe for salsa chicken (takes 4 hours total in a slow cooker and only needs chicken breast and salsa). When it’s ready, arrange them on some lettuce leaves topped with a mix of chopped avocado, onions, and cilantro or guacamole. I think the salsa chicken goes really well on top of cauliflower ‘rice’ too.  

Any good salsa brand I should try? 

What are you guys reading lately? 

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