Roasted Makhana [Lotus Seeds, Foxnuts]

Roasted Makhana [Lotus Seeds, Foxnuts] are nutritious snacks, naturally gluten-free + vegan and can be enjoyed with different seasonings. Made with just 2 ingredients in 10 minutes.

Hindu are celebrating Deepawali (Diwali) – festival of lights this week all over the world. In Nepal, it is a 5 day long celebration where each day has a specific ritual such as worshiping crows (crows and ravens symbolizes sadness and grief in Hinduism, so devotees offer crows and ravens food to avert grief and death in their homes), worshiping + cherishing dogs (according to Hindu mythology, dogs are said to watch over the gates of the afterlife), worshiping cows + goddess Laxmi (in Hinduism, cow signifies prosperity and wealth), worshiping of self + oxens, and lastly worshiping your brother (sisters pray for the brothers’ long lives and present them with variety of fruits, sweets and nuts). The platter includes makhana (aka lotus Seeds, foxnuts) which has a rather chewy texture and often goes to waste. Last time when I was in Nepal, my mom roasted them in ghee and it made such a lovely snack so I thought this is a perfect time to share Roasted Makhana [Lotus Seeds, Foxnuts] with 3 variations with everyone.


Makhana is literally lotus flower’s seed that grows in water and looks like popcorn. It’s has a chewy texture, pretty bland taste, and can be roasted or fried as a snack or dessert in the form makhana pudding. It is widely used in traditional Ayurveda and Chinese medicine too but I am not too familiar with those practices.



Nutritionally, they are a good source of protein (5 grams per cup), carbohydrates, lots of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and other B-vitamins. They are naturally vegan, fat-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free as well.

I have yet to find Makhana [Lotus Seeds, Foxnuts] at my everyday grocery store, I get them at Indian/Asian grocery store in dried nuts/spices section. In Hindi, it is called “phool makaha”. It’s a crunchy snack to have on hand and definitely suggest trying makhana roasted. You can enjoy them by itself or try these 3 variations below.




Mix cinnamon + brown sugar

curry powder

Drizzle melted chocolate

Roasted Makhana [Lotus Seeds, Foxnuts]

Serves: 3 cups


  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil or ghee
  • 3 cups makhana
  • For seasonings:
  • cinnamon
  • brown sugar
  • curry powder
  • chocolate chips, melted


  1. In a large skillet, heat coconut oil or ghee over low-medium heat.
  2. Add makhana to the skillet and gently stir every 2-3 minutes.
  3. Continue roasting until it becomes slightly brown about 6-8 minutes.
  4. If you are doing a large amount, do it in batches to roast them evenly.
  5. Keep an close eye to prevent from burning.
  6. Remove from the stovetop and liberally season with whatever you desire.
  7. Store them in an airtight container.

And lastly, my favorite is to enjoy Roasted Makhana [Lotus Seeds, Foxnuts] as a cereal with cold milk!




Wishing all my friends & families a very happy Deepawali. If you make Roasted Makhana [Lotus Seeds, Foxnuts], please share @foodpleasurehealth or pin for later.

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