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2014 goals





Almost a year ago, I shared some goals  for 2014 with you guys and this is a good time to review them because believe it or not – we are in December! How the heck did we get here so quickly? This year was challenging, stressful, and successful in many ways but I survived! Out of my 12 goals, I’d say most of them went pretty solid, some are still a work in progress while some need serious work.  – more clean eating, home-cooked meals: This is definitely a huge area of progress for me because I started out as someone who went to the grocery store almost every day and cooked whatever I felt like right at that moment. That was not only an expensive habit but it got frustrating so with the help of meal planning and budgeting groceries, I now follow a system which involves weekly meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparing things ahead of time. It prevents me from impulse purchases at the grocery store, and I am less tempted to eat out which in turn is good for both my bank account and health!  – run a half marathon in 2014:done,done, done!!
– feature more fresh, seasonal recipes on the blog: we did get pretty seasonal this year I think, no? apple butter muffins// butternut squash, apple, and walnut salad// pumpkin spiced pumpkin bagels// leek green apple and walnut salad,-de-clutter and donate at least every 3 months: I don’t think I donated every 3 months but I have been pretty good about not hoarding my clothes and shoes. Donating bags and bags of stuff is a very cleansing feeling. Try it.






– an e-cookbook by March 7th 2014: I still can’t believe I wrote an e-book. If you guys haven’t purchased it, it’s still up for sale. 27 recipes for only $2.70 by clicking here. – visit Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis: I was able to tackle Austin (few times this year) and San Francisco, Seattle and St. Louis is pending for now. Maybe 2015?– go on a weird diet like fruits and vegetable diet – I completed whole30. You can read my overall experience here.

– allocate more time for school: womp womp…sometimes I question if I should continue grad school.







– continue visiting the library: I haven’t been great at visiting the library religiously but I got me some legit Indian Cookbooks today. Keep an eye out for some delicious Indian recipes soon.– meet blogger friends in real life: The only blogger friend I met in real life was Tara but I have built some great relationships with blogger friends where it’s totally okay to randomly text them. <3 you guys.

– learn crocheting: okay, by learn I mean I can do a single crochet. Ideally, I would like to make something like this before the end of this year and give it to someone as a gift. Wishful thinking…

– try patio style herb garden..again: I think I should just give up. Don’t ask.

Did you guys have any goals? I’d love to know where you are with it?

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