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Pickled Green Tomato Salad with Kefir and Grilled Sourdough

Pickled green tomato salad with tangy kefir, dill, and grilled sourdough bread. Seasonally inspired, vibrant salad featuring pickled green tomatoes.

The boyfriend, my friend Ruchi from Chai High Tea and I recently met up in Charleston, South Carolina and ate our heart through the city. We were lucky to snag a table at the Sorghum & Salt and had a fantastic Summer bread service with pickled green tomatoes, local dill, buttermilk, and foccacia bread. Every bite we ate there was not only delicious but very inspiring. Here I present you with my version of Sorghum & Salt Summer bread service: Pickled Green Tomato Salad with Kefir and Grilled Sourdough.

The heart of this salad is pickled green tomatoes so please do not skip on this. I used this recipe — for pickled green tomatoes but feel free to use your favorite recipe for pickled green tomatoes. Green tomatoes are available year-round with a peak season in the Summer and Fall months.

Use the Pickled Green Tomato Salad with Kefir and Grilled Sourdough recipe as a guide and put your own spin on it as it’s easily adaptable to your liking. Instead of kefir (fermented milk drink), you can use buttermilk or thinned yogurt as a base. I love the heartiness of sourdough bread as it soaks up the kefir and olive oil goodness but any crusty bread will do here.

Pickled green tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, salt, and pepper alone is very delicious if you want to keep things really simple and dairy-free. If anything, at least try the pickled green tomato recipe I shared above as it’s delicious on a sandwich, burger, and for snacking. I definitely see myself eating some version of this Pickled Green Tomato Salad with Kefir & Grilled Sourdough regularly and I hope you will too.

Pickled Green Tomato Salad with Kefir & Grilled Sourdough

For 2 servings


For the kefir dressing:
1/3-3/4 cup plain kefir

salt, pepper to taste

For the salad
4-6 slices of pickled green tomatoes (I used this recipe:

2 large tomatoes, thinly sliced
2 fresh dill fronds
2-3 tablespoon olive oil
3-4 slices of grilled sourdough


  1. In a small bowl, add plain kefir, salt, and pepper to taste and keep it aside.

  2. On a plate, generously ladle 2-3 tablespoon of kefir dressing. Arrange pickled green tomatoes and beefsteak tomato. Season with salt, pepper, and drizzle olive oil.

  3. Garnish with fresh dill fronds.

  4. Serve with grilled sourdough.

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