Ooey Gooey Scrambled Eggs


For the past couple days, I have been suffering from an itchy throat, runny nose, teary eyes and all that fun stuff…it feels like my taste buds are dead and everything has been tasting bitter. Normally, I crave for hearty, warm bowl of soup or something but today I woke up wanting some scrambled eggs. We all know how to make scrambled eggs right? Well, honestly for many years I made  semi-dry, overcooked ones. But recently, I learned the secret behind perfect, fluffy, gooey scrambled eggs – all you need is little bit of patience, a non-stick pan, spatula, butter and eggs. 

Add a tsp. of butter or spray cooking oil in a non stick pan in a medium heat.  Crack an egg, mix it in the pan bringing it to an even consistency then fold it slowly preventing it from sticking to the pan. Continue until its cooked (about 3-5 minutes). Sprinkle some salt and pepper! 

Even though scrambled eggs are one of the easiest thing to make, unfortunately they are pretty easy to go wrong quick. I saw a lot of recipes call for milk or cream for the soft, fluffy texture but I think its more important to continue stirring and preventing it from sticking to the bottom of the pan. It makes the perfect scrambled eggs of all time 🙂

Teary eyes are back – gotta go people and I can’t wait to start tasting food again! 

Do you guys have special technique for making scrambled eggs? 

Dixya Bhattarai

Dixya Bhattarai

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