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Matcha Soda (Sparkling Matcha Tea)

Matcha Soda (Sparkling Matcha Tea) is a refreshing drink made using just two ingredients. It’s fizzy and perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up drink. I am sharing a version with no sugar but you can add sweetener if you like.

Here’s a drink to celebrate something I am currently pursing, a certification course to become Tea Sommelier. I am officially 50% done with the program and I thought I’d drop some tea knowledge and a recipe for refreshing beverage – Matcha Soda. I have been into matcha before matcha was a trend (see matcha white chocolate waffles // matcha milk tea // green tea bundt cake ) but now I have a bit more understanding and appreciation for matcha.


My friend Ruchi from The Tiffin Kitchen is in the same tea program and we are going to continue this tea-focused series to enhance our learning and share creative recipes & inspiration along the way. Ruchi is sharing her recipe for Peaches and Cream Tea – Two Ways and a little oolong 101. Head over to her site to learn more.


Matcha is a type of green tea where the entire tea leaf is ground into a fine powder. Tea plants for matcha are shade-grown for about three weeks before harvest which increases the levels of  chlorophyll that results in a deep green color & higher concentration of amino acids, especially L-theanine. L-theanine lends an umami flavor and sweetness to matcha and helps increase serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These neurotransmitters work in the brain to regulate mood, concentration, alertness etc, which probably explains why matcha has historically been a significant part of Zen Buddhist monks.

For making a really good bowl of matcha, I’d suggest getting a ceremonial grade matcha from a reputable source. If you are looking to mix matcha with other ingredients like smoothie, latte, or bake with it, culinary grade matcha is perfectly fine. There are so many different brands and types of matcha out there, you’d really have to do some research to find the one that you like, what you plan on using matcha for, and the price point because premium grade matcha can be very pricey..



I had my first Matcha-Chico at Fix Coffeebar in Houston last year and really enjoyed it. It was refreshing, slightly earthy with no added sugar which is sometimes hard to find at cafes. There are many variations of “matcha soda” on the internet with simple syrup, without any added sugar, or a different fizzy beverage. I am sharing a really simple recipe with no sugar added as I like the vegetal, earthy notes from matcha but you can add a simple syrup or sweetener of your choice. Use this recipe as an inspiration to make your version of Matcha Soda.

Matcha Soda (Sparkling Matcha Tea)

Serves 1

1/2 teaspoon matcha (use ceremonial or culinary grade matcha)*

about 2 tablespoon warm water
1 cup Topo Chico or sparkling water of your choice
Optional: 1 teaspoon simple syrup

*you may need more or less matcha depending on the brand you are using. I am using Adagio brand matcha for this recipe*

1. In a bowl, whisk matcha with 1 tablespoon of water until it becomes a paste. Continue whisking then add another tablespoon of warm water until it gets lightly frothy. There should be no clumps.

2. Pour the matcha mix into a 8 oz glass jar then, top it with Topo Chico or sparkling water. Tilt the glass slightly when pouring.
3. If adding simple syrup, mix matcha with simple syrup in a glass, then pour Topo Chico.
4. Enjoy immediately.

If you make this recipe, please do share your creation with me and feel free me tag @foodpleasurehealth. You can also pin this recipe for later.


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