Hummus Wrap

Hummus wrap is an quick and nutritious packed with homemade hummus, different veggies, and your choice of tortilla, flat bread, or naan.

My food experience in Chicago wasn’t that great but the simple hummus wrap I had at the airport from here was pretty darn good. The creamy hummus and crunchy veggies bundled inside a whole wheat tortilla may not sound very exciting but you’ve got to absolutely try it. After I came back, I have already made this twice, once with whole wheat tortillas and now sharing the recipe with frozen tandoori naan from Trader Joe’s. It’s really not a recipe but rather an inspiration to make a delicious, customizable hummus wrap under 30 minutes.



Hummus, a dip made with mashed chickpeas then blended with tahini, lemon juice, salt and garlic is a power house of protein, fiber, calcium, iron and healthy fats. It is widely available in stores but trust me you are better off making it at home. If you guys are in a major time crunch, here are top 5 things to look for when buying a store bought variety. Feel free to use your favorite regular or flavored hummus recipe. I love making my own hummus at home and heres my recipe if you need one.


For the veggies, you can pretty much use whatever you desire. Go heavy on your greens (lettuce, spinach, arugula, kale) or load up with bell peppers, olives, carrots.  I will let you decide on that but give you a little heads up with tomatoes and cucumbers. If you are eating these wraps immediately, tomatoes and cucumbers are great but not so much if you are making them ahead of time.



If it’s going to be in your lunch box, the water from tomatoes and cucumbers may make the wrap little soggy which is not fun at all.



A decent tortilla without weird ingredients are very hard to find; currently I get  Trader Joe’s organic whole wheat and corn tortillas (nutrition info if interested) which works great for wraps and quesadillas. If you guys have any recommendations, I’d love to know as well.



I would suggest using tortilla if you are packing for lunch because it keeps everything intact together, otherwise naan and pita bread works great if you are eating them immediately (ps. this naan pizza and chicken kebab pita sandwich). I am keeping things vegan here but a little feta cheese won’t hurt you. If you are following a gluten-free diet, substitute the wrap/naan with the GF kind. I hope to continue sharing easy family-friendly meals ideas just like this hummus wrap to make your life little bit easier!

Have a great Monday.

Hummus Wrap


For Hummus (makes about 3 cups)

  • 1-16 oz canned chickpea, rinsed and drained

  • 2 garlic cloves

  • about 3/4 cups tahini

  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

  • 1-2 tablespoon of cold water, as needed

  • salt, per taste

For each wrap

  • 1 tortilla/naan

  • 2-3 generous tablespoon hummus

  • handful arugula (or use your favorite greens)

  • 1/4 red or orange bell pepper, thinly sliced

  • 3-4 black olives, sliced

  • 2 tablespoon shredded carrots


  1. Puree the chickpeas and garlic in a food blender, add the Tahini, lemon juice, cold water and salt. Blend another minute or two until the mixture becomes very smooth.

  2. Add more water as needed for desired thickness.

  3. Spread hummus evenly over the tortilla/naan.

  4. Layer it with arugula, bell pepper, carrots, and olives

  5. Wrap it and enjoy.

  6. For the lunch box – cut them into half or into pinwheels and use a toothpick to hold it together.

I’m sharing as part of Meatless Monday with Tina Muir and thefitfoodiemama.

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