How to Worry Less?


how to worry less

I worry a lot about stuff – be it  important, unimportant, small, or big.  My dad thinks I am constantly looking for things to worry about even when it’s not warranted. While he’s partly true (okay mostly true – Hi Dad) I am a worrier by nature so it’s really hard for me to not over think about stuff even if they are far beyond my control. Lindsay (remember her from meet the dietitian series) wrote a really great post on ‘on worrying’ which resonated with me and made me want to analyze my own worrying habits so that I can take a better control of it (is that even possible?).

wor·ry·ing – 

 causing anxiety about actual or potential problems; alarming.

In my situation, its mostly the anxiety of potential problems (what ifs, then what, how do I ) which can be mentally, emotionally, and physically debilitating. I am also extremely good at incessantly making lists, rather a long one and crossing it off gives me immense joy. Anyone?? While the worry wart in me won’t change overnight, I figured I could start by making a list of things (I told you I love lists) that will potentially help me worry less.

– Change the perspective :

Easier said than done but for once block all the negative energy around you. Focus on positive things happening in your life – if nothing feels right…be grateful for the loved ones around you.

– Ask yourself if the problem is solvable :

In most cases, the problem is not solvable, at least not instantly but it’s hard not to  think about it. Last weekend, I worried about a late bill payment but since the office was closed, there was nothing I could do yet I worried all night and barely got any sleep.  This is a work in progress (at least for me) to constantly ask myself if it’s something solvable right now, if not let’s deal with it when it happens.

– Find the root cause : 

There are times where I think I am worried about something, unconsciously I am actually aggravated by other things like messy house/dirty dishes/unorganized closet etc. Those things + worries takes my stress level to a whole another level.  It’s hard to recognize it when it happens but I have noticed that fixing those things on the side helps me manage my worries better.

– Escape the scenario :

By escaping, I am not talking about running away from the situation but sometimes it helps to re-evaluate the situation by stepping back and changing the environment. Go visit a friend, take a trip, occupy your mind with something else so you are not thinking about the problem.  This is extremely helpful when you have no control over the situation.

– Just breathe :

If everything above fails, just take a deep breathe. Sometimes things happens in life, it sucks but it is what it is. I have learned to accept that worries are inevitable part of life and you can only do so much to avoid it, not repeat the mistakes but oh well, it happens. Don’t be too hard on yourself …

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Do you guys have any other  suggestions? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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