How To Make A Home Yoga Studio

I have been loosely practicing yoga on & off for few years but as of late, it’s my favorite form of movement. I have tried local yoga studios and group classes in the past but I find practicing yoga at home in my own studio to be the most grounding experience of all. Yoga, which literally means union is an old practice which focuses on harmonizing the body with the mind via different breathing exercises, yoga poses (asanas) and meditation. If you are new to yoga or don’t want to commit to a studio yet (which can be pricey), or want to see how I practice yoga at my home studio + what tools I use to deepen my practice, this post is all about that.


Find a clutter-free, calming area : A home yoga studio begins with a clutter-free, calming space in your house, apartment, or an area in your room. You don’t need a dedicated room (great if you have one) but as long as you can comfortably fit a yoga mat and some room to spread your arms, you are all set.

Set the tone : I go through phases with dark vs. bright room to practice and it really depends on my mood. Usually, I prefer quiet dark-ish room with a candle or very dim light. Dark room helps me unwind & stretch while bright room makes me feel strong and help lengthen my practice. If you are into essential oils, you can diffuse oils based on your intention for the practice such as calming, soothing, nourishing, uplifting, grounding etc. I mostly do guided yoga & I just play relaxing music in the background an do sun salutations, vinyasa flow yoga, or work on different poses.

Some of my favorite yoga site :



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Pick some essential tools : A good yoga mat, couple of blocks, and yoga strap (optional) are good investments if you plan on practicing yoga on a regular basis. When it comes to a yoga mat, the thickness (helps with cushioning and comfort) & stickiness (keeps you from sliding all over the place and helps you maintain your alignment) are two things I mainly look for but few other things to consider are material, eco-friendly, and price.


I regret not introducing yoga blocks sooner into my practice. It helps with  flexibility, especially on days you need it or, if you are quite not there yet in your practice. I have been able to work on different poses with more ease with the help of blocks. You can also use large book or a family size canned goods to substitute blocks, just make sure it is the right height and study enough to support your alignment.


Yoga strap is another tool I use consistently mostly for deep stretches esp for tight hamstrings & shoulders. It can also be used for proper alignment, lengthening and strengthening.



Remove distraction(s) : By distraction, I am referring to keeping away your cellphone, and laptop, or other distractions like noise from kitchen, tv, washer dyer, kids, pets (Bailey loves to sit on the yoga mat, it’s cute but also very distracting) etc to a minimum so you can give your 100% to the practice. At a home studio, it is very easy to lose focus and get distracted so it’s very important to treat that dedicated time & space for yourself and just yourself. Just ask if would you take that phone call or scroll through instagram during a class? I hope the answer is NO.


In case you are interested, here are (amazon affiliate) links to my mat, blocks, and strap. You can also get these items at great price from Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx etc.

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Do you practice yoga? or, have you thought about creating a home yoga studio?
What are some of your yoga essentials?

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