How to Increase your Pace while Running?


keeping a pace during running

I have always considered myself a fun-runner rather than someone who kept time or worried about the pace. I didn’t think those numbers were important but now that I have officially begun my half-marathon training, I want to keep track of those numbers and increase my pace while running so that I can finish the race around the 2 hour mark..or at least that’s my goal right now. I don’t own a fancy GPS watch but runkeeper app is serving my needs pretty well so far. My average pace is just under 10 minutes per mile which according to this chart, I will finish my race in 2:10 but I want to do better than that. Compared to last week, I am struggling a little bit with running primarily due to heat. It’s always so hot here even at 10 PM – not kidding. One of the things I am focusing on currently is my pace and how to increase my pace while running. By no means am  I an expert when it comes to running but here are  a few tips that I have picked up along the way.

How to Increase your pace while Running?

  • be consistent with running: I did not run as much last year compared to previous years so I feel like I am starting it all over again. In order to do better with your pace, try to run consistently so you can build up on your time/strength rather than getting back to where you were the previous year.
  • alternate between a run/walk/sprint: Instead of running really fast and being out of breath/energy, I do better when I take a minute walk break in between running. Sprinting in between is also a good exercise because you really don’t realize how fast you can run until you truly sprint.
  • pick a pace: No matter what your pace is right now, be okay with it and focus on doing better rather than getting too hung up on numbers.
  • change audio cues: (This is more of a personal preference) While runkeeper  is a great app, sometimes those audio cues could be discouraging especially in the beginning weeks of your training. I had to set it to distance (each mile) rather than telling me both time and distance every 5 minutes.
  • Fuel and hydrate: I can’t stress enough how important both these things are. While I would not recommend running right after a large meal or after drinking a gallon of water but make sure you feel energized before the run. It does really make a huge difference – true story.

Week 1

Week 2:

  • Strength training/stretch : 30 minute Hatha Yoga.
  • Running:  5 miles total (I need to make up for my 2 miles for Wednesday)
  • Nutrition: I have been drinking water throughout the day and these oatmeal peanut butter honey granola bars are great to snack on (recipe to come this week)








peanut butter granola bar

Do you have some tips to increase pace while running?

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