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Gajar Halwa Energy Bites | Refined Sugar Free

Gajar halwa energy bites are packed with shredded carrots, nuts, cardamom, and sweetened with dates syrup. Quick & nutrition snack that fits vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free lifestyle.

Gajar halwa is a carrot-based dessert pudding from the Indian subcontinent. It is a heavenly dessert cooked in a mixture of milk, ghee, sugar, cardamom power, and nuts stirring the pot for a long time. I used it as an inspiration for my Gajar Halwa Energy Bites for an easy and nourishing snack.

There is really not much to say about the Gajar Halwa Energy Bites except that you can play around with cooking fats (ghee, coconut oil) and liquid sweetener (maple syrup, date syrup, agave honey etc) of your choice based on your dietary preference. I used ghee and date syrup and sauteed the carrots, oats, and spices just enough to soften the carrots. There is no cooking or baking involved here, just your food processor to blitz everything into a soft (not runny) mixture.

Gajar Halwa Energy Bites | Refined Sugar Free

Makes about 8 bites

1 tablespoon ghee or coconut oil
1 cup tightly packed shredded carrots

1/2 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1/2 cup pistachio
2 teaspoon cardamom powder
2 tablespoon liquid sweetener such as date syrup, maple syrup, agave nectar

In a medium size skillet, heat ghee and add shredded carrots, oats and sautee until oats and carrots softened up a bit.

Add coconut flakes, pistachios, cardamom powder, and date syrup to the pan. Mix everything and remove from heat to slightly cool down. Adjust sweetener or cardamom powder if needed.

Add the carrot mixture into your food processor and blitz everything until it forms a smooth mixture to roll into bites/balls. Take a small amount of mixture and roll into ball/bite size of your choice. If needed add a little bit of ghee on your palms to roll. Continue with the rest of the mixture.

Store the gajar halwa energy bites into an airtight container and leave in the fridge for 5-7 days.

Enjoy as a snack, with your tea, pre or post workout.

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