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We are only a couple days away from Thanksgiving, a holiday that evokes pictures of feasts – turkey and pies, large gathering with loved ones, and football games playing in the background for many of us. It’s an ancient American holiday dating back to 1600’s to honor the early settlers, their harvest feast, and rain. There are many stories on thanksgiving (read more here and here if you are interested in history) but the core message is “to give thanks, feel blessed, and appreciate what you have’…Recipe Redux’s theme for November is “A Food Memory For Which You Are Thankful”  which is so very appropriate this time of the year! Like I mentioned before, thanksgiving is a fairly new tradition for me but gathering with food and families is a big part of Nepali culture too which I absolutely love. I realized that my recipes reflects a lot of childhood memories, times spent with my friends, and different stages of my life..it was hard to narrow it down but I picked my top 10 food memories to share with you guys today.



Mo:Mo (Nepali dumpling) is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of food memories…I have many many memories with family and friends gathering around (or going to a restaurant) to make mo:mo which I am very thankful for. Nepali people don’t need a reason to make (or eat) mo:mo – just the word mo:mo is enough to gather a few of us and a mo:mo party is on! Soup dumplings – I make it with chicken but pork or water buffalo (if you can find it) is very famous as well. You can also make a vegetarian version.



Sprouted fenugreek salad (vegan/gluten-free) is a recent favorite because not only did I discover this salad but I was also able to hang out with my family after soo long. Sprouted mung bean with cilantro is my all time favorite as well.
sprouted fenugreek saladThe time I repurposed stale chocolate chip cookies and made bread for my brother’s birthday. I also gave 26 life lessons (gahh so much has changed on that list). Rum raisin bundt cake is equally precious.



Chicken patties – I vividly remember holding my mom’s hand and walking swiftly towards a small bakery after school for these patties. I bet any fillings of your choice will be delicious here. This is being added to my thanksgiving menu. 



When I am overwhelmed, I make over the top cupcakes with salted caramel filling and frosting! Lately, it’s been bread.



My friend (Ruchi) in college used to make really good choyela and for someone living in the dorm, Nepali food (or home-cooked food) was like godsend! Chicken sadeko (shredded chicken salad) is simpler but delicious option too.



Instant noodles (healthier version) is nothing but nostalgic! So is pani-puri. 



This cold potato and leek soup (glutenfree and vegan friendly) – that was one memorable weekend. I think this soup would also be tasty if served hot as well.



My mom’s savory pancakes (both vegan/gluten free friendly) are my all time favorite food! No matter what I do, it will never be like my mom’s though…potato salad or  brown chickpea salad will go perfectly with this pancake.



I’d like to end my post with a post that I shared 2 years ago…I re-created La Madeline’s MediterraneanPasta. It’s a dish that will always remain special to me. On that note, I need to make it again and take a better picture – don’t judge.



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Your turn now…What are some of your favorite food memories?

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