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On Monday, I told you I was going to share homemade goldfish crackers today. That was the plan anyways but by the time I made them and took pictures it was too dark outside and the pictures does no justice. While the fishies are on hold for now, let’s talk about the e-cookbook I mentioned before
So lately I have been cooking up a storm, testing, tasting. The plan is to have it published on March 7th 2014. So you ask me why that specific day? Well, its my 27th birthday (sigh) and I have decided to call the book 27 featuring 27 recipes! 
The recipes features mainly fresh ingredients with a focus on whole foods that will nurture your body. Most recipes are vegetarian and vegan-friendly along with few non-vegetarian dishes. It’s been quite an adventure and learning experience so far ..there has been few happy dances while there are some moments where I want to pull my hair (after spilling a whole pot of enchilada sauce). And these scones need some more work..
That is all for now friends, I am a little overwhelmed right now but hopefully everything will all come together in 50 days. Oh man I turn 27 in 50 days.. Somebody get me scones! 
Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement for the “best food blog 2013” award. And per readers request, I have decided to start “Meet the Dietitian” series starting this Friday!! 
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