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DFW Blogger’s Summer Potluck, basically my dream of mingling with DFW bloggers over delicious food finally came true. It’s been a work in progress trying to collaborate with some brands I already love & finding a good date/time that worked for most bloggers. We had 10 bloggers – really diverse group of ladies and to say it was a blast is an understatement.  I am really grateful for brands that collaborated + everyone who contributed a dish (or two) to make this potluck a delicious event. I hope you will enjoy a quick recap of DFW Blogger’s Summer Potluck, browse through recipes, and meet fellow DFW bloggers. If you are looking to host a potluck in the future, I am sharing few tips + thoughts on how it all came together.



Tip # 1 Facebook group or email : Create a group to brainstorm ideas on date, location, and overall plan for the potluck. I wanted to keep things super casual and convenient for everyone and thankfully everyone was super chill too. The idea is to have a somewhat organized gathering and keeping everyone informed because you don’t want 3 potato salads, 1 dessert, and too many cups but no spoon or forks. I found facebook group to be really helpful in communicating + tagging people to be very functional.

Tip # 2 Food, Food, and Food : This is probably the most exciting part of the whole thing, at least in my opinion. We didn’t have a set theme but I had requested everyone to bring whatever they desire or a popular recipe from the blog. Prior to the potluck, most people wrote what they were bringing so it gave everyone a general idea on what to expect (or what they should or shouldn’t bring). Also, it is best to check with the group about allergies/food preferences and have little something for everyone! If you are bringing food to the potluck, few things to note: does it need to be heated or kept cold? any last minute preparation? how long will it stay out? do you need to use the oven? Notify the host so the proper arrangements can be made.

I think we hit every food group pretty well and for the interested parties, here are the recipes that was devoured at the DFW Blogger’s Summer Potluck.



Emily @ Zen N’ Spice brought her uber famous Baked Parmesan Tomato.



I am still giddy about the cheese board I created in partnership with Sprouts. I didn’t realize how simple + pretty this whole process is. It’s all about the texture, variety, sweet and salty elements, and the overall presentation. I will definitely be making more cheese boards in the future.



Anushka from Pilates, Pipettes, and PB made one of the most delicious quinoa salad I have ever tasted. I cannot wait to recreate her Golden Quinoa Roasted Veggie Salad with “Peanut” Ginger Dressing. It’s a perfect picnic or BBQ friendly salad.



Emily @ What’s the Oven On For shared a flavorful, refreshing Brazilian Vinaigrette + greens. I love how this is such a versatile recipe that goes well with greens, rice, beans, and meat.

Everyone raved so much about Chicken Taco Rings that Jessica @ Love Me More Too  brought to the potluck. I am keeping this recipe on mind for the next get together!!!



If you are into sweet appetizer or dessert, Grilled Peach Bruschetta from Erin @ The Speckled Palate is what you need in your life. I really really loved the combination of balsamic vinegar with peaches and ricotta.



While I assembled cheese board, Ginger @ Ginger Marie Blog whipped Southwestern Macaroni and Cheese Bacon Cups. These mac n’ cheese cups were gone fast, so you know what that means.

Few months ago, I attended a lamb cooking class with Nourish with Lamb as I am very intimidated to cook with it. So grateful that Nourish with Lamb  trusted me to cook lamb for the DFW Bloggers Summer Potluck! I made lamb meatballs with lots of herbs + eggplant yogurt dip as an appetizer. It was loved by everyone, including Ginger who is really particular about her lamb.



For vegetarian guests, Stacy @SweatinwithStacy  was thoughtful to bring vegetarian meatballs. If you are needing something quick and vegetarian, TraderJoes got you covered.

….and I dared to cook thick loin lamb chops which got so many compliments (phewwwww because I was really not sure how it was going to turn out).I marinated the chops with olive oil and fresh herbs then seared it first on a stove top then finished it off in the oven.














I have been eyeing Lemon Curry Shrimp Bites from Lauren @ Common Canopy for a long time and boy, they were delicious. It is a perfect bite-size appetizer and you can’t just stop at 1 (or 5).

Tip # 3  Partnership with brands + local vendors : It is definitely awkward to just reach out to brands & vendors but I had really positive experience. I collaborated with brands I have a good working relationships with and/or I felt comfortable with their products & message. Also, working with brands/vendors taught me how to propose an event and explain how it ties with the brand + event.  I think the goal is to build a win-win partnership for both parties.

Our potluck was fueled by Holy Kombucha and Buda Juice(cold pressed organic juice bar), both Dallas Fort Worth companies. Having a mild obsession with kombucha, I was so excited to try some new to me flavors like Live Red & Moon dance. If you are new to the world of kombucha, refer to the post “Should I Drink Kombucha?”





There are so many reasons to adore Buda Juice, everything from the packaging to their actual approach to juicing fruits & vegetables. They are all over DFW area if you are interested to check them out.

A party is never complete without bread and dessert, am I right? am I right?



on from Great Harvest Bakery graciously supplied us freshly baked loaves of bread. PS. Every morning they fresh mill premium whole wheat in the bakery itself!!! We got assortment of goodies including spinach, red peppers, and Parmesan cheese, cheddar garlic jalapeño bread, honey whole wheat, and cinnamon chip bread. And giant cookies!!!







Jamie @ The Skinny Soul made all things dulce de leche – dulce de leche apple pie & dulce de leche mousse.

I have always adored Stir Crazy Baked Goods (their scones are really really good) and I can’t thank them enough for sending us assortment of such gorgeous looking cupcakes and mini-tarts that basically stole the show.  If you are in Fort Worth, I highly encourage you to stop by or order some baked goodies for your next event.



Tip # 4  Decor & Presentation:  If the potluck has a theme, it is easier to stick to certain a color, cuisine, or season but since DFW Blogger’s Summer potluck was just a casual one, I went with fresh flowers, few matching serving trays, and cake stands. Personally, I like to keep things minimal, stick with neutral palette with some colors, and lots of wood + glass. When possible, use platters that will highlight the food and don’t forget the garnishes. If you do not own a lot of platters, spoons, and trays, inform your guests ahead of time so they come prepared. Depending on how many guests + dishes you are expecting, have a general idea of where each dish will go so it looks somewhat cohesive.



Tip # 5  Et cetera : Unless someone volunteers to bring cups, plates, plastic wares etc, make sure you have plenty of those. And please do not skimp on good, sturdy large plates!! Little things like straws, napkins, ice etc can be easily forgotten, so a detailed list comes very handy. It is always nice to have a large garbage can to prevent trash from piling up (or change garbage bags frequently). Make sure to have to-go containers (or request guests to bring their own containers) because you know there is going to be leftovers from the potluck.

DFW Blogger’s Summer Potluck has been a long time coming and I cannot thank enough to all my blogger turned real friends that graciously brought delicious food to share with everyone. The potluck definitely would not have been possible without the support from all the brands that partnered with us for the event –  Sprouts // Nourish with Lamb // Holy Kombucha // Buda Juice //Great Harvest Bakery // Stir Crazy Baked Goods

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Cheers to many more DFW Blogger’s Summer Potluck in the near future. 

Do you guys have bloggers group in your city & do you regularly meet?

Any other helpful tips for organizing a potluck?

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