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Culinary Wishlist for 2020

I had such a blast with Culinary Wishlist for 2019, which was something the boyfriend and I casually put together to cook, learn something new, and just have fun in the kitchen. We set out with 12 things on our wishlist and attempted most things, some worked while others didn’t. For 2020, I have picked only 9 instead 12 to make it a bit manageable with our schedules. I am really really excited for the wishlist I have picked for 2020 and I hope it will be another fun culinary year of learning, eating, and sharing.


Let me know if you have attempted any of the wishlist from above. I could use all the tips/tricks!

See you soon with more updates on the Culinary Wishlist for 2020!

Dixya Bhattarai

Dixya Bhattarai

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