Happy Friday friends. I so excited for a quick Boston trip this weekend, although we are flying redeye – its going to be worth all the pastries.
As promised, here is the homemade chilaquiles from my Monday post . It’s the perfect brunch for the Father’s Day! This past weekend I had them two days in a row, both the times I cleaned the plate and may or may not have had a slight food coma. 
You all know how I feel about brunch right? In spite of my huge sweet tooth, I crave all things savory for brunch. This chilaquiles is  my idea of perfect a brunch at home – simple, beyond delicious, and something that takes less than 30 minutes of my time. So while you are at the grocery store please grab a jar of your favorite salsa, a bag of soft corn tortilla and treat yourself to chilaquiles over brunch, lunch, or dinner!

Chilaquiles is a very traditional Mexican dish where corn tortillas are fried, cooked with salsa (all the ones I have had before) and usually topped with meat, fried eggs, cheese, and crema. I am sure there are different variations but here is my slightly healthier take on homemade chilaquiles. 

for 2 huge portion


5-6 soft corn tortillas, cut into triangles
1-1.5 cup salsa (I used black beans and corn)
2 eggs 
1/4 cup part skim manchego cheese, shredded
3 apple-chicken sausage, chopped (optional)
handful chopped cilantro (for garnish)
cooking spray or canola oil for frying egg


-Arrange the tortilla triangles in a baking sheet. Turn the oven to broil setting and while that is happening place the baking sheet into the oven for 5-8 minutes until crispy,  flipping the tortilla triangles once. Once they are done, remove from the oven and set aside. Carefully monitor the tortillas because they get burnt very very very quick – true story. 
– If using the sausage- heat a small pan and add chopped sausage until its slightly brown. Set it aside.
-Rinse or wipe the same pan – warm salsa and slowly add tortilla triangles but do not let it get soggy.
-In another small pan alongside while salsa is being done, add oil or spray the pan over medium heat. Fry egg one at a time until cooked.
– Place 1/2 salsa and tortilla triangle on a plate, top it with 1/2 sausage if using it, then one fried egg. Sprinkle cheese then cilantro. Repeat the process with rest of the ingredients. 

– Instead of chicken sausage, I am sure cooked chicken or any other cooked meat of your choice will work great.
–  I cooked eggs and salsa/tortilla triangles side by side using two small pans so that the final product stay warm and fresh. 
– If making a large quantity – warm salsa + tortilla triangles in batches so that tortilla triangles remain slightly crispy. 

..and check out more sweet and savory brunch recipes here

– Have you had chilaquiles before?

– any favorite eateries in the Boston area – please share.

Have a great Father’s Day weekend!

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