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Chicken Tandoori Mango Pizza

I have been trying to distance myself from social media lately mainly in order to stay more present with things around me. The amount of information that I (and I am sure most of us do) come across is beyond overwhelming – the constant flow of breaking news, never ending supplies of recipes in the blogosphere, and newly weds/newborn baby pictures on facebook is something I am finding more harder and harder to keep up with. It’s almost become necessity to shut down the outer world and appreciate things in my life, reevaluate my priorities, and what’s really important to  me. When I am into deep, heavy thinking I prefer escaping to my kitchen and cook things I know by heart..for example, my goto thin crust pizza and chicken tikka wrap except that this time I made pizza with chicken tandoori and mango.


You can feel free to use any pizza crust of your choice but I swear by this thin crust recipe because the wait time is non existent compared to most recipes I have used in the past. If you are looking for a GOOD whole wheat based crust, Erin’s got you covered. I am not a pizza expert by any means but I have learned from several pizza making and eating sessions that, you should not put too much sauce on a dough unless you want a soggy pizza..I doubt anyone wants that. So just go very easy with the sauce especially if its a thin crust.



Let’s talk toppings now shall we? I am more of a minimalist when it comes to my toppings. I enjoy when my ingredients shine rather than have too many toppings clash; it’s a pizza disaster you don’t want. Trust me it’s not fun when you try to pick up a slice and it falls apart right in front of your hungry face. Chicken Tandoori Mango Pizza has  a spicy tomato-mint sauce followed by chicken tandoori pieces, chopped mangoes, and chunks of fresh mozzarella cheese. Mango is not a common pizza topping but CPK used to so I knew it would work beautifully with chicken tandoori pieces and gooey mozzarella cheese.



Rather than repeating the recipe, I am providing you guys with rough guidelines on making Chicken Tandoori Mango Pizza.

– For the dough (makes 2 – 10 inch pizza) – I used my goto thin crust dough but once again you can use any dough of your choice.

– For each 10 inch pizza, I used only couple of tablespoons of pizza sauce which I made by simmering 1/4 cup of chopped fire roasted  tomatoes (from a can) + 1 heaping tablespoon of mint chutney ( I used the bottled kind).  The sauce is then blended into a puree. If you don’t want spicy tomato sauce, you can use regular tomato sauce too but I enjoy the little kick.

– I used my chicken tandoori recipe  which can be made ahead of time. For each 10-inch pizza, I used 1 medium chicken breast (sliced). For vegetarians/vegans, I am thinking this tofu recipe will be suitable instead of chicken although I have not tried it myself.

– A couple of of frozen mango chunks are allowed to thaw and roughly chopped before throwing on the pizza.

– Cheese, that  melty gooey cheese is fresh mozzarella; I used about a handful and tore them into different sizes. It’s beautiful and delicious!

– Remember to drizzle additional mint chutney (if using) at the end, the result is irresistible and just 1-10 inch pizza may not be enough so just plan accordingly!!! My friend and I devoured this pizza in record time and I immediately made another one which was gone fairly quickly too…

If you are more into white sauce, may I suggest you White Sauce Pizza with Sausage & Brussel Sprouts?

…back to feeling overwhelmed, my friend Amanda wrote a great post on how she’s currently fostering her happiness. Anna from The Yellow Table as always wrote another inspiring post on savoring the seasoning. While social media/blogs get overwhelming at times, it’s always comforting to come across great pieces of writing that resonates with me and gives a different perspective on life. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone…

How do you distance yourself from social media?

Any great articles to read? Links please..


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