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Chicken Kebab Sandwich | Quick & Easy Recipe

Quick and easy chicken kebab sandwich – great for lunch, dinner, or turn them into sliders when entertaining a large crowd!

I have been making a variation of this “chicken kebab” for almost 6 years now. It’s my go-to for several reasons, one of them very versatile and forgiving. Kebabs have their roots in the Mediterranean and Middle East but it is ubiquitously enjoyed worldwide. Essentially, kebab is prepared by either pan frying or grilling meat which are often marinated in various spices. There is a wide cultural and national variation on how kebab is prepared or what it’s called (shish kebab, doner kebab, kabāb-e barg) but we can all agree that it’s delicious, esp when grilled on an open-fire. The chicken kebab I usually make is spiced minimally with roasted cumin and coriander, fresh herbs like mint and cilantro, and grilled. You can enjoy the kebab by itself, as a wrap, over a bed of greens, with rice, or turn it into a chicken kebab sandwich/slider.



I have made a few tweaks in this recipe compared to the one I shared back in 2014.

  • Chicken thigh is fattier than chicken breast but I have been successful with both cuts of meat. Make sure to leave the uncooked patty in the fridge for 25-30 minutes before cooking.

  • Instead of fresh mint, I used dried mint which is okay but if you have access to fresh mint, GO FRESH! If cilantro isn’t your friend, you may skip it.


I cooked these chicken kebabs on a cast-iron flat-top but pan-frying using non-stick pan or grilling would work too.



Like I said earlier, feel free to enjoy chicken kebabs as an appetizer, or a meal (wraps, salad, over rice) but it works beautifully as a sandwich/slider. I usually serve it as “Chicken Kebab Sliders” when entertaining a large crowd and it works great. All the prep work can be done ahead and you simple set up a station where everyone builds their own slider.



You can most certainly go out with all the add-ons and toppings but for this sandwich, you really don’t need much. Chicken kebabs are already pretty flavorful so just a few simple ingredients will do :

  • Regular buns are fine but really, you need a good brioche bun or a potato roll. It has a soft, rich texture which I enjoy a lot. Right before serving, toast with lightly with some butter.

  • Keep it simple with crunchy onions (red would be best to eat raw) and juicy (not too squishy) tomatoes. Microgreen or other greens adds a little crunch but not necessary.

  • Condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, and mint chutney are essential but keep it on the side.

I hope you will give these quick and easy chicken kebab sandwich a try for your next get together or make yourself a nice lunch. You can freeze the leftover kebabs and reheat it at a later time.

Chicken Kebab Sandwich | Quick & Easy Recipe

for about 8-kebabs

For the kebab
1 tablespoon cumin seed
1 tablespoon coriander seed
1.75 lb ground chicken breast (chicken thighs can be used)
2 heaping tablespoon ginger, garlic paste
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
1 teaspoon dried mint (recommend using 1 heaping tablespoon chopped fresh mint)
1 tablespoon chopped cilantro
2 tablespoon canola oil + more for cooking later
2 Serrano peppers, finely chopped (optional)
salt, to taste

For the sandwich
brioche buns, toasted
sliced tomatoes
sliced onion
condiments : ketchup, mayonnaise, mint chutney


  1. In a small pan over medium-high heat, toast cumin and coriander seed until its fragrant and starts popping. Remove from heat and use mortal and pestle to crush them together.

  2. In a large bowl combine all of the above ingredients and mix them well.

  3. Line a large tray with parchment paper. Take a golf ball size kebab mixture and flatten them just a little bit. Arrange them on a tray and leave it in the fridge for 25-30 minutes.

  4. Heat a grill pan (or outdoor grill) and brush it with little oil over medium-high heat. Cook kebab for 6-8 minutes on one side, brush it then gently flip on the other side. Continue cooking until it is cooked on both sides and oil it as needed.

  5. When ready, assemble a sandwich by lightly smearing condiments of your choice, then layer with kebabs, onions, and tomatoes. Serve with potato chips! If serving a large crowd, arrange a platter with kebabs and toppings so the guests can assemble their own.

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