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cà phê sua đá – Vietnamese Iced Coffee

I was introduced to Vietnamese coffee by one of my friend through this youtube video, MUST watch while making this coffee.. I got myself an adorable French drip filter/phin filter from a Asian supermarket for only few bucks and  it looked like a fun thing to do and for a coffee lover, its just hard to pass up any opportunities that involves coffee!



It could be enjoyed hot or cold but given the scorching day here in Dallas, it made sense to drink iced-coffee. Here is the step by step demo of how to make cà phê đá aka Vietnamese coffee.

You will need:  Phin filter, Glass, Dark roast Vietnamese coffee ( I used Trung Nguyen brand), Sweetened-condensed milk, Ice. Boiling water



In a glass, pour about 2-3  tablespoon condensed milk, depending upon your sweet preference.Add 2-3 tablespoon of ground coffee to the base of coffee press. Shake it gently to spread the coffee evenly. Pour boiling water into the coffee press 2 times, the first time with about a tbsp of water, cover the lid and wait 30secs to let the coffee grinds absorb the water and expand.



Then fill with hot water again, but not too full. Cover the lid.   Allow it to drip slowly. Once it stops dripping, stir well and pour cubed ice or let it refrigerate for 15 minutes to enjoy the chilled iced coffee.

On a side note,

if you suffer from acne & drink alot of coffee & chocolate- go easy on them for couple days and see acne clears up. Sadly, I found out that two of my favorite things in this world are partly the reason of my acne 🙁  🙁  🙁

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