Boozy Truffles {Recipe Redux}

For the month of December, Recipe Redux challenge was very appropriate, as reveal day is only four shopping days before Christmas we had to share our favorite kitchen gadget/appliance and favorite recipe that is prepared using that kitchen gadget…




My favorite gadget is the hand-held electric mixer which I got for Christmas last year. Its very handy, easy to clean, takes very little space and fairly inexpensive must-have kitchen gadget. I often make waffles using this mixer and its extremely helpful for cake batters, including this battenburg cake, chocolate cranberry bundt cake, and donuts.

This mixer is perfect for beating egg whites; cream sugar and eggs together. It has done a wonderful job with vanilla cupcakes & chocolate roulades,  and many other recipes that I could go on and on forever..





But today that I will share my absolutely favorite boozy truffle recipe I make using this mixer. Its less than 5 ingredients and makes smooth, delicious truffles.

Boozy Truffles

Makes about 15 small size truffles

2 oz cream cheese, softened ( i used reduced fat)

1/4 cup powdered sugar
1 cup semi sweet or dark chocolate chips, melted
1 tablespoon Baileys Irish Cream or use vanilla extract if you want to omit alcohol
Cocoa powder, unsweetened coconut, thinly chopped nuts- optional.



-In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese and slowly add in powdered sugar until smooth.

-Combine the melted chocolate chips to the mixture and beat in low speed.

-Add Baileys Irish Cream/vanilla extract.

-Place the bowl in refrigerator for several hours until the mixture is firm (I left it overnight).

-With dry hands, take little more than tablespoon and roll out the chocolate mixture into round shape.

-Roll them into cocoa powder or your choice of coatings





Share them with your loved ones, friends, families, co-workers

 Or,  enjoy alone with a cup of strong coffee






and if you are worried about the fat/dairy/sugar content of this boozy truffles, no worries- I have the guilt-free truffles for ya which are very good too!

Don’t forget to check other Recipe Redux Members favorite kitchen gadgets & their fav. recipe!

Happy Holidays..




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