Father's Day Gift Basket for A Grilling Guru

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Surprise your dad with a gift basket filled with grilling essentials for both indoors & outdoors! 

You guys, I have a thing for gift basket or personalized DIY gift for people I am close with. Standard gifts are great but what if I told you that you can create a personalized gift basket for your loved ones in no time. Last month, I created a Mother's Day Gift Basket for First Time Chef , which a lot of you seemed to enjoy. Father's Day is only two weeks away so why surprise him with a Gift Basket for Grilling Guru, which contains the essentials for grilling. I've also included some of my fav recipes and tips. 

Fathers Day Gift Basket for Grilling Dads

Just like my last basket, Father's Day Gift Basket for Grilling Guru is inspired by walking different aisles at Sprouts and hand-picking things I think are "essential" for grilling as well some new, unique finds at Sprouts. Here's what I included in the basket:

  • Oils : Grilling is a high-heat cooking so it is really important to use oils with high smoke point such as avocado, canola, or safflower. I like to use Sprouts avocado oil as a marinade so it can withstand the high heat while grilling as well as all-purpose cooking at home. Non-stick cooking spray such as Sprouts grapeseed oil is another product that works great on a grill but just do it when the grill is cold. Using it on a hot grill may cause flare ups. 
  • Liquid smoke : Liquid smoke is used as a flavor additive in different foods such as barbecue sauces, marinades, or "barbecue" flavored food for that "smoky" flavor without having to have a wood-burning fire. It adds a nice depth of smoky flavor to roasts, chicken, chops, or even tofu and tempeh for that smoky goodness. A little drop goes a long way so just be cautious!!
  • Sprouts BBQ sauce : Need I say more? Every BBQ basket should have BBQ sauce and I like Sprouts original and apple smoked one. Besides meat, it's also good on pizza sometimes. Stubb's BBQ, an Austin-based company is another go-to for me. 
  • Chips & Dips : What's a party without some chips & dips right? Besides my all-time-fav Sprouts Organic unsalted white corn tortilla chips (it has 0 mg sodium), I also picked Farmhouse Culture Kraut Krisp (it's a probiotic chips), and their pre-made guacamole and salsa. 

 Making homemade salsa and guacamole isn't that hard but sometimes, it is just        convenient to have it done for you, which is why I adore Sprouts cooler packed with different dips and ready to go snacks. 

Fathers Day Gift Basket For Grilling
  • Sides : When it comes to sides, I like to have a variety so it's just not a meat fest. Usually at BBQ,  salads and vegetables are used as a garnish rather than a main event so my goal is to encourage veggies that are new, interesting, and flavorful.
    • Pick up a bag of Sprouts Tri Color Coleslaw and give it an Asian flair with rice wine vinegar, ginger, and sesame oil and sesame seed. 
    • Make a large veggie tray with colorful veggies such as zucchini, bell peppers, onion, artichoke hearts, cabbage, mushrooms etc for grilling (instead of few small pieces of bell pepper and onion in the skewers, which usually burns anyways). Sprouts has a wide selection of produce - both conventional and organic for you to choose from. 
    • If you are short on time, Sprouts Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese is a great flavorful side dish that comes together effortlessly. 
  • Mains : Have you been to Sprouts meat/butcher section? It's a meat galore with the most knowledgable staff. I always get my meat - they have different cuts and types including chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and fish. They also carry a good selection of hot dogs, veggie burgers, veggie dogs tofu, & tempeh. 

Pictured below is "Chicken Skewers with Garlic & Herbs Marinade"  & Easy Chicken Kebab (I just made them a little bit larger). 

Fathers Day Gift Basket for Grilling
  • S'mores : I don't know about your dad but my father has a sweet tooth just like me, so naturally dessert is going in the basket. Sprouts chocolate bars (dark chocolate & toffee caramel) + Pamela's honey graham crackers + marshmallows will make perfect s'mores. If open fire isn't an option, foil-pack method on a grill, microwave or oven - they all work great.  
Fathers Day Gift Basket
  • La Croix : Sprouts has endless options for beverages, including alcohol but I'd want to introduce La Croix to my dad and all the dad's out there. Unlike a lot of sweetened beverages, La Croix is a sparkling water with no sugar or other artificial sugar. It's super refreshing and comes in 15 different flavors. 
fathers day basket grilling
  • This is kind of random but Sprouts has a "Man Up" promotion in June, which means a lot of body care products and supplements will be on sale. For my Fathers Day Basket, I chose Everyone soap and lotion as it's versatile and made by a SF based company EO that has affordable bath and beauty products with a huge emphasis on essential oils (among many other great things they do). 
fathers day gift basket grilling

Father’s Day Gift Basket for Grilling Guru

For  1 basket & 1 cooler


From the center aisle/condiments/snacks section:

  • 1 Sprouts Original Barbecue Sauce

  • 1 Sprouts Honey Chipotle Barbeque Sauce
  • 1 Colgin Liquid Smoke Natural Hickory Original
  • 1 16.9 oz Sprouts avocado oil
  • 1 can Sprouts grapeseed oil spray
  • 1 bag Organic Sprouts White Corn Tortilla Chips
  • 1 bag Farmhouse Culture Zesty Garden Veggie Kraut Krisps
  • 2 box Sprouts Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese
  • 1-8 pack LaCroix Natural Lime Sparkling Water
  • 1 box Pamela's Honey Grahams Graham Style Crackers
  • 1 3 oz. Sprouts 54% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar
  • 1 3 oz. Sprouts Toffee Caramel 33% Milk Chocolate Bar

From the cooler/refrigerated section:

  • 1 12 oz Cabo Fresh Authentic Guacamole
  • 1 15 oz Mocajete Salsa Roja Cup
  • 1 12 oz Sprouts tri-color slaw 
  • Mix of veggies like bell peppers, squash, onions
  • Fresh ground chicken breast
  • Butchers Shop boneless skinless chicken breast

From the personal section:

  • 1 32 oz. Everyone Lavender & Aloe Lotion
  • 1 32 oz. Everyone 3-In-1 Lavender & Aloe Soap



  1. Gather all the supplies from your fav craft store such as basket, galvanized tub, cooler, riser, tissue paper or fabric for décor.

  2. Purchase all the groceries including produce, meat, condiments, and personal items from your local Sprouts. 

  3. Lay the basket or galvanized tub flat on a floor and put empty cardboard box or riser for height.

  4. Cover the riser/cardboard box with tissue paper or fabric.

  5. Arrange the non-perishable ingredients - think about color combination and height to make visually appealing.

  6. Cover with cellphone bag, bows, or other decorations as desired.

  7. Add ice to the cooler and pack it with perishable items like produce, raw meat etc.

So friends, tell me what are your plans for Father's Day?

Are you into personalized gift baskets? 

fathers day basket grilling guru

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