To Do List Before Your 1st Tough Mudder Race

I feel like I just talked about doing a Tough Mudder Race but it's here, like in 7 days.  I am pumped and slightly nervous because it's my first time doing it. I have no idea what to expect and to keep things real here, none of us have trained or seriously looked into Tough Mudder Race. If you are a newbie to Tough Mudder Race like me, this post is for you and your team mates. Granted this is my first time doing the race, I reached out to some friends, spent some time on the internets, and complied some helpful info + To Do List Before Your 1st Tough Mudder Race.


 Do your research on Tough Mudder Race : Tough Mudder is a run + obstacle course. There are different types of Tough Mudder Race anywhere from Tough Mudder 5K to World's Tough Mudder. Depending on your strength and training level, you can pick the one that works for you. We are doing Tough Mudder Half - 5 miles, 13 obstacles. Like most races, it is optimal to train ahead of time so you are both physically & mentally prepared for it. Tough Mudder has a lot of training program that you can download for free. If this is your first time, definitely take time to learn about obstacles you will be faced with. Tough Mudder half 2017 has some intense looking obstacles like Berlin Wall, Pyramid Scheme, and Birth Canal.

Tough Mudder for Beginners

Also, know the date, time, location, and parking for the race day. Don't forget to bring your valid photo ID, signed waiver, and some cash.

Plan your outfit : With all that sweat and mud, it is probably best to wear a light top and bottom (like capris to protect your knees) that is breathable, form-fitting, will dry quickly, no cotton or open pockets!!! My friend Ashley suggested wearing trail running shoes with good grips and not to wear bulky running shoes as they tend to hold water and make it heavy. Also, don't forget your socks preferably that moves moisture away from your skin. Gloves with padding and grips and headband are highly suggested, and tie/braid your hair if it's long. It probably doesn't hurt to pack sunblock lotion because you will be out in the sun a long time.

Have your outfit ready the night before so you are not scrambling last minute. Break into your shoes ahead of time if they are brand new as well.

Get your beauty sleep + hydration in check : I can't emphasize enough the importance of adequate rest before the race day, which means no late night drinking or partying till 2 am. From my past experiences, I just eat my usual dinner (slightly carb heavy) and a small breakfast (bagel + coffee) 2 hours prior to the race. Everyone has their own pre-race routine but definitely I don't recommend experimenting with new food before the race.

Virtual Coffee Date

Our body works best when it is adequately hydrated, so remember to stay hydrated prior to the race, during the race, and after the race! I'd drink water adequately the night before and maybe 1-2 glasses before the race (make sure you use the restroom before you start the race), and stop by the hydration station frequently and drink little water instead of large amounts at once. You will probably lose a lot of fluid during the race so make sure to replenish post-race as well.

After - race arrangement : I have heard that you will be covered with mud post-race in places you didn't know existed, so these after-race arrangements are really important to pack before you leave the house. You will need plastic bags for your old clothes and shoes (you can donate them at the location if you'd like)...and pack your new change of clothes including towel, undergarments, socks, and  a pair shoes. They have rinse stations so you can quickly rinse and dry yourself before heading home.

Have fun : Since you've already signed up (or your friends tricked you into doing a Tough Mudder Race), or whatever your reasoning is for doing the race, I hope you will have fun and be safe out there. Depending on your circumstances, you can skip obstacles if you have physical or medical issues. Your safety is more important than anything else but don't forget to challenge yourself, help each other out, and finish the race as a proud Tough Mudder while having fun along the way.


Have you done a Tough Mudder Race? If so, how was your experience?

**pictures taken from Tough Mudder site with persimmon.

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