5 Intentions for 2017

January is a prime time to set goals // resolutions // intentions for the year. 2016 was a bitter-sweet year, more sweet than bitter but I am ready to start 2017 with a clean slate. I would love to achieve 5000 things + plus some more this year but we all know that's nuts. Also, in the process I will probably lose my sanity and balance in life which I don't want to happen. Therefore, 2017 is all about setting intentions, not specific goals or resolutions. I have few things I would like to really achieve but they are dependent on several factors (which I have no control over) so, I am setting 5 intentions for 2017 to bring me closer to my goals.

Risk : I am a total risk-averse through and through. Instead of viewing risks as a negative thing, I am going to take risks as an opportunity for growth, as a learning adventure, and a way to overcome fear to failure. When I reflect back on 2016, I regret not taking enough risks because of what ifs and overthinking way too much. 

Nurture : In the midst of daily routine, it is so easy to take human-relationships and connections for granted. Over the years, its been challenging to make deep, new friendships (unlike high-school & college), in 2017 I want tonurture and cherish relationship with my family, friends, and people in general who genuinely mean a lot to me. Texting is convenient but I intent to talk more on the phone, set more meet-up and dinner dates, and be there for people in person! Post-graduation picture with my favorites!

Intentions for 2017

Self-Care : 2017 is a a big year for self-care in general. I need to remind myself more often that in order to accomplish anything, I need to be in solid state myself first. Self-care means different things to different people - be it a lone time, spa session, Netflix and chill..or whatever you need for yourself.

Change : I am a creature of habit so anything that has to do with risks, changes, and uncertainty stresses me out. But this year, I am lot more open to changes professionally, in terms of moving, and whatever else comes my way - I am ready for a change.

Intentions for 2017

Purpose : Instead of acting mindlessly, I want to utilize my time and energy with some purpose - be it blogging, purchasing products, or building relationships.

Do you have any goals // resolutions // intentions for 2017?