Weekend at Best Day Ever Ranch

When Ginger suggested a camping (or what we like to call 'glamping') trip, I thought it was merely an idea but two weeks ago, camping trip really happened with Dallas Fitness Ambassadors! I have never camped before so naturally, I had no idea what I had signed myself up for except that I knew we were going to spend a weekend at "Best Day Ever Ranch", located in the heart of the North Texas countryside - Whitewright, Texas about an hour north of Dallas. If you are in the DFW area and need a quick getaway, I highly recommend you to check out Best Day Ever Ranch. I am sharing highlights from the weekend at Best Day Ever Ranch and few tips for first time campers.

Best Day Ever Ranch has eight cabins (with fully equipped kitchen, bedding etc) or you can pitch a tent for a real 'camping' experience. They also have a barn for weddings/events. Paul, very kind and helpful owner of Best Day Ever Ranch had our tents with sleeping bags + lights ready when we got there and constantly checked on us.  I could not have asked for a better spot..the view was just too serene. Both Ashley and Chandler were pros when it came to building a fire, which we needed for our food + coffee and to keep us warm because it got cold in the evening + early morning (like down to 50s).

First night, we devoured chili that was pre-mixed by Chandler; we browned the meat in a skillet and heated everything together over the fire.

Tip 1: Make sure to have a checklist for everything including food, drinks, paper supplies, cooking utensils, bedding, cooler, first-aid kit, extra batteries, portable chargers etc. We had created a facebook group + google document to communicate with everyone + Ashley had pretty much everything we would possibly need at her disposal. Also, check with your site to see what they have or don't have so you are fully prepared. We started Saturday morning with coffee, hot chocolate & breakfast tacos, courtesy of Stephanie! Such a brilliant idea to make them ahead of time. Also, I love how she made different types (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc) and labelled them with a sharpie so everyone could enjoy breakfast tacos in the morning.

Tip 2: Pack appropriately in terms of clothing + bedding. This is something several of us were definitely not well prepared for especially the 1st night. Depending on where and what time of the year you are camping, it is probably best to pack couple of long sleeve shirts, jacket/fleece, blanket, pants etc. For bedding, definitely get a good sleeping bag and a comfortable pillow. [Tweet "Tips for 1st time Campers!"]

We had a whole Saturday to explore what Best Day Ever Ranch had to offer. Ginger and Jerica attempted to fish, some of us twerked on top of hay bail, and went on a quick hike on a trail (or you could bring your own bike or rent one there to explore the bike trail). If you are into water activities, they have paddle boards & canoe for use. I am sure you could take a plunge into the lake on a hot day..There is also a petting zoo on-site with Ilama, which everyone thought was super-friendly. A large recreational room with AC is accessible  if you want to just lounge around, catch up on games, charge your devices or play pool/ping pong.

Tip 3: Be prepared. If you follow tip # 1 and # 2, you are already half way there.  In order to truly enjoy the experience, be prepared "to not have everything" you are used to on a daily basis - access to full-size bathroom, phone services/internet, comfort of your bed. Obviously, you should check what type of arrangement there are for bathroom/shower situation or phone services if you need to communicate with the outside world. In case you were wondering, at Best Day Ever Ranch, the cabins have bathrooms with shower and wifi is available...and if you are in the tent, you can rough it in the woods (sorry TMI?) or drive up to the main house (like 3 minutes drive). There is a golf-cart or John Deere 4x4s for use if you need it.

To fuel our camping trip, we had variety of food (way too much) from Sprouts & jerky from Golden Island. The weekend was pretty much dedicated to munching on snacks, recharging with diverse group of bloggers, and detoxing from social media - it was just a perfect combination. We are Texans through and through, given our love for all things tortillas, tacos, and chili. We made fajitas for dinner on Saturday, which worked great.

 I highly recommend chili, tacos, and fajitas to be 'camping-friendly food' because it just worked seamlessly. Can we talk about my favorite part of this whole trip? DIY S'mores courtesy of Ashley + boozy hot chocolate. It was a perfect way to end the night before we all parted our ways in the morning. 

A huge thank you to Paul & Best Day Ever Ranch for hosting & Sprouts for fueling us for the weekend. It is so easy to get sucked into every life things, which is why a quick weekend getaway is necessary to recharge! I hope this becomes an annual DFA event because I am so looking forward to another camping trip!! Don't forget to check out weekend camping recap from others:

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