5 Must Have Spices


I am a spice hoarder. I do buy spices of all kinds - whole, pre-mix, powder you name it. I most likely have any spice in my spice cabinet. But the issue is I don't even use most of them. It's sad how much money I have spent over the years thinking I would use a spice someday or just buy them for one time use. I am writing this post to encourage you that cooking healthy, delicious meals at home doesn't require a large spice collection. Also, let's not forget that most spices are naturally high in antioxidants, has many vitamins, and are sodium-free. Please take the time to slowly build your spice collection and find out what spices do you really like or use more often.  If a recipe calls for one time spice use, see if there is an alternate for that or if you can skip it altogether. So here are my 5 Must Have Spices and how you can use them in your everyday cooking.5 Must Have Spices-Black Pepper : Everyone should have black pepper in their kitchen. Get it whole, grounded, or crushed per your preference because everything tastes so much better with salt and pepper. Simple things such as scrambled eggs can be made with just salt and pepper, same goes with grilled chicken and steamed veggies. You can make wholesome dishes such as Nourish Bowl and an Omelet by using just salt and black pepper.  black-pepper-340x478-Cumin powder : My all-time favorite go-to spice is cumin because it works with pretty much every savory thing out there. Roast your veggies with a dash of cumin, almost all curries and kebabs I make calls for cumin powder. Personally, I prefer the taste of whole cumin seeds, roasted and grounded but just having cumin powder on hand will elevate your dish to the next level. Some of my favorite recipes with cumin includes - Masala Egg Curry, Everyday Lentil Salad, Sprouted Fenugreek Salad, organic_cumin_large (1)-Cinnamon : Cinnamon powder can be used to flavor both sweet and savory dishes. A dash of cinnamon with your morning oatmeal, smoothies, or baked goods taste wonderful. I almost always add cinnamon while making Mediterranean based stew with chickpeas. This challah with brown sugar and cinnamon is one of the tastiest thing on earth. Similarly, make apple cinnamon buttermilk bread and granola at home using cinnamon powder. cinnamon-Italian seasoning : The combination of different spices such as marjoram, thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, and basil are typically found in Italian seasoning. I almost alway have them on hand to make a quick pasta dish, fish, baked chicken, or roasted vegetables. I don't have too many recipe featuring Italian seasoning on the blog besides these baked pasta cups but it gets utilized quite a lot in my kitchen especially with tomato-based dishes. italian seasoning-Red chili powder : Almost everything I make (besides dessert) has some sort of red chili powder because I like my food hot and spicy. If heat is not your thing, you can opt for milder chili powder such as paprika or use less of it. organic-red-chilliSpices, generally, have very long life spans however by storing them in the dark, in cool areas and or in closed containers will help maintain it's quality. Smell them for their freshness and if they smells dull or has developed a different odor, it's  time to toss them.[Tweet "Check Out "5 Must Have Spices for Everyday Healthy Cooking"! "]

What spices do you regularly use?

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