Egg in a Basket


I make egg in a basket when my mornings are slow and I want to feel a little special. With everything going on lately in Nepal, I am constantly stressed and preoccupied with  social media, which is taking a little toll on my health. But I can't help but think about people in Nepal having to live with a constant fear of another earthquake...losing a home, their loved ones, and not knowing where to even begin. My little lack of sleep is really nothing compared to the devastation that Nepal is going through right now. So Sunday morning I woke up, fixed me eggs in a basket with sauteed asparagus, poured me some cold coffee...shut down social media and took time to just breathe and count my blessings. The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for..

Egg in a basket starts with a piece of bread that needs a hole in the middle. You can do circle, square or even heart shaped if that's what you want. Toast the bread with little butter on one side then flip the bread over once it turns slightly brown. You may need to add a little more butter before cracking egg in the hole.


Let the egg cook for 1-2 minutes then flip it on the other side slowly using a spatula. Let it cook for 30 - 45 seconds till it sets. I prefer my eggs runny so I remove it very quickly but you can let it cook longer if you prefer harder yolks. Sauteed asparagus, a last minute decision to throw some greens on my plate paired wonderfully. Asparagus is a Spring-friendly vegetable that can be enjoyed roasted or sauteed.

If you are preparing asparagus ahead of time, I suggest blanching it and sauteeing it right before serving. Otherwise, simply sautee it with little olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Here is a great post on how to cook asparagus! 

For those of you who donated to Nepal Earthquake Victims - Thank you! I have updated the fundraiser page with some updates. You can also check "Euta Nepal" page on facebook for relief works. Your contribution has already helped more than 1000 families in Nepal and we hope to help 1000's more. If you would like to donate, please click here.  Thank you very very much.