Banana Almond Butter Cups + Whole 30 Week 3

Day 23 on Whole 30. It's hard to believe that I am doing fine without any bread, chocolate, and rice. That doesn't mean I don't miss it. Challenges like this one has made me realize how resilient our bodies are. I have been thinking a lot about self-control, indulgences, and food habits in general. Does our body truly ask for hot cheetos and donuts or are we just addicted to artificial ingredients/chemicals in those products? When do you respect your cravings vs. simply just walking away? While I am the one to always preach 'practicing moderation' and 'listening to our bodies' with the Whole 30 I have been just walking away from things I crave but can't have..and over time the cravings have gone away. Are those cravings gone temporarily..or does that mean I will over indulge when I finally can? 

Sorry for picking your brain on a Monday morning...don't worry I  have got you covered with banana almond butter cups. Before that, let's recap week 3. Foodwise, I didn't make any new or exciting recipes : I have been rotating cauliflower rice, shakshuka, vegetable pancakes, and spaghetti squash. Due to some personal reasons, my schedule last week was all over the place and didn't really workout that much. On saturday I did the 'Graffiti Run-5K'. It was really nice to catch up with a friend, walk, and not worry about timing or anything.

Compared to last week, my skin seems to have improved a little bit. I didn't really break out but again I go through these cycles where its all clear or badly inflamed.  My skin has a mind of its own. 
..ok banana almond butter cups. This is my second batch in a week and this batch is almost gone too. I don't like banana by itself, it's a textural thing but I love them when added to smoothies, in the form of bread or raw ice-cream. These banana almond butter cups were born out of a need for a quick snack or dessert and it actually fits both the bill perfectly. 
Bananas and almond butter are processed together with coconut oil, cacao powder and a dash of sea-salt then frozen until ready to eat. It does not get any easier, healthier, and yummier than that - you should seriously try them. 
Banana Almond Butter Cups
for 8-10 cups
2 bananas, peeled
1/4 cup unsalted natural almond butter (used as seen here)
2 teaspoon unsweetened 100% cacao powder
1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted (see note)
pinch of salt
- In a processor combine everything then puree until smooth.
- Spoon about a tablespoon of the mixture into mini-muffin tin lined with mini-muffin liners.
- Allow it to freeze completely before eating. I left mine for about  4-6 hours. 
-In my first batch, I had a little trouble with almond butter cups sticking to the liner. I added coconut oil in my second batch to see the difference. Although liner did not stick like before, I noticed that by leaving the almond butter cups outside for a couple of minutes it made peeling the liner much easier. In my next batch, I will try without coconut oil and leave them out to see the difference. If any of you try it without the coconut oil, I'd love to know the results.
-I am sure peanut butter, especially the crunchy ones will make a great substitution to almond butter. If you like your cups to be less banana(y), increase the amount to 1/2 cup. 
....ok now back to brain picking. I'd love to hear your thoughts on giving in to your cravings or walking away from it? 
ps. my 1st post on whole30, week 1, week 2
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