Fitness Friday {Belated Edition} : Getting the Most From Your Workout

January is the peak season for weight loss and diet dominated  conversations. It's motivating to see enthusiasm everywhere even though it means having to deal with over crowded gyms (have you guys noticed that or is it just me?). Today I am sharing tips on how to get the most from your workout because exercise takes time, energy and let's make the best use of it while we are there.

- Don't socialize, Exercise:

It does not matter how long you spend at the gym, make use of that time effectively by exercising rather than talking with other people. Remember you are wasting not only your time but your friends time too.  

- Use proper exercise techniques:

If the machines confuse you, take time to learn how it works (they often have instructions) or get help from the staff. Improper use of machines or technique can cause injuries and you won't get the intended benefit. 

- Don't bite off more than you can chew: This applies more for exercise newbies. Always start your exercises slow and build up on it. Don't feel like you have to run at a certain pace or lift so many pounds on your first week. You will soon be fatigued and lose motivation to work out completely.

- Follow an effective exercise routine like this one from ACE: This is something I have experienced personally because having some sort of structure really helps stay focused rather than deciding what to do last minute at the gym.

- Listen to your body's clock: Find out when you are most energetic and try to schedule your workout at that time if possible in order to get the best results. 

- Get out of exercise rut: Our muscles have memory and they tend to adapt. Try different equipment, increase your speed, lift more pounds..basically tweak your regular routine to awaken your muscles.

- Interval training: Instead of logging numerous miles on the cardio equipment, start doing interval training because several short bursts improve fitness and burn fat more quickly than working out at one steady moderate pace.

- Hydration, nutrition, and rest: These are basic but very important thing to keep in mind becauseif you are not hydrated or nourished before and after your workout, you won't be able to do your best. Similarly, give your body rest days and sleep well. Check out these 50 awesome pre and post workout snacks. And don't forget about the raw energy bites!  

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Any tips on maximizing time at the gym?

Happy Friday Saturday. Now I am off to the gym :)

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