Life Lessons with Bailey

I hardly talk about Bailey here for a couple of reasons. This is a food-fitness blog and I prefer to keep it that way and when Bailey fans ask about her, I make sure they get the updates. You guys I have never told you this but it took me a while to figure out the whole pet situation.

Bailey is now eight months old and I have had her for six of those. It still feels strange; did I really raise a puppy (a living thing)? First two months were terrible - I screamed at her, regretted my decision, and turned into a pissy lady. Just when I was thinking about maybe giving her up for adoption, the boyfriend and my friends came to my rescue. I am forever indebted to them for their support and putting some sense into my immature brain. I needed to hear this! 

think like you are raising a two month old child
you have not failed, you just need to learn Bailey's language and think from her point of view because she is a baby

But now we have slowly grown into each other..heck we speak in our language 

When I try to discipline her, she teaches me patience. Her forgiveness and acceptance (so many times) when I don't play with her is commendable. 

Bailey's persistence to jump, climb and reach for things (way beyond her reach) gives me power to never give up.

Say sorry when you have to. When Bailey does something she is not suppose to, she genuinely shows how sorry she is.

Have fun with whatever resources you have. Her happiness quadruples when she gets to play with plastic bottles, paper towels, and socks.

...and never have unrealistic expectations. 

Do you guys have pets? I'd love to hear how it has changed you?