Fitness Friday : My Favorite Home Workouts


The idea of changing into PJs after work, sitting by the tree and sipping hot chocolate is very tempting these days..wi

th the cold weather and holidays coming up don't let exercise slip away from your daily life. When I 

can't go to the gym I do a couple of different workouts at home and thought I should share them. Think of this like an early Christmas gift from me to you..

Most of these workouts can be done in the comfort of your living room (while cookies are in the oven) with very little equipment and space. 

Yoga lovers - If you don't know already, is the best site. They have free, high quality yoga videos for everyone; you have the ability to choose the difficulty level, class length, and style of yoga.  ps. check out this post on yoga.

P90X - I loved the P90X Base dvds and was able to get my cardio and strength training done whenever I desired up until my downstairs neighbor was bothered by my jumping. It comes with 12 dvds targeting specific areas of the body and requires weights, resistance bands, and/or pull up bar. I don't own any other workout DVDs besides Jillian Michaels"Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism". I have always heard good things about her other dvds but I personally find it easier to stream videos online.  

Barre Workouts - The low-impact stretching workout may look easy because it avoids jumping and bouncing..but boy, it gets me sore. I have never been to an official barre class but these are my favorite videos: - Barre Concept Ultimate 20 minutes (needs a chair or bar, easy)- Fitness Blender Barre Workout (need a chair, intermediate) - Ballet Body Sculpt (needs dumb bell/stretch band, it hurts)

Resistance training is something I enjoy doing at home because I can watch my favorite shows (currently addicted to Sex and the City). I don't really follow a regimen although I really should. - If using a resistance band, this video is a great tool esp for beginners. - If you are looking for a structured workout, tryFitness Blender Upper Body Dumbbell Workout which require weights, physio ball/bench and chair. - For lower body exercises I follow this plan with weights but its optional.

 - Ab workouts are my least favorite. I tried this 30-day ab challenge once (lasted about 2 weeks only) but normally I do crunches, side crunches, and planks.

And let's not forget how house chores can also burn off calories.


- How do you plan on staying fit during the holidays?- Please share the links to your favorite workout videos or dvds in the comment section.  NEPALIAUSTRALIAN nominated Food, Pleasure, and Health as "Best Food Blog 2013", check it out and please vote for me. Here is the link. (you have to scroll down to the comment section and write Best Food Blog 2013 # 4). Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend. 

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