Homemade Taco Seasoning #reciperedux


I am on a homemade kick lately {homemade pumpkin puree, lard-free refried beans} because it feels good to know what I am putting into my body. While it's impossible to make everything from scratch (ain't nobody got time for that) I try to make small positive changes when possible and practical.  The theme for November Recipe Redux "Adding Merriment to Mixes - From hostess gifts to holiday gifts, it’s the season for DIY offerings from your kitchen" was just the inspiration I needed to utilize spices I have collected overtime. I took this as an opportunity to make homemade taco seasoning. 

Taco seasoning is a staple in my kitchen because you all know how much I love Mexican food. I have always used store bought taco seasoning because they taste soo good and its convenient but its just not-so-good for my body. Hello high blood pressure. I am sure if you guys take a peek into your spice rack and utilize what you have and buy additional spices if needed, you can easily save yourself from whopping 400-600 mg sodium (per 2 teaspoon) and preservatives. Make yourself a batch, share it with your neighbors, friends, or give it as a party favor this season.

Always store spices in airtight container to maintain its peak quality and avoid direct sunlight. I have different sized glass jars for my spices such as this.I reused red ribbons from old gift bags but ribbons can be easily purchased at a craft store. If you are into crafty things, check thess cute affordable gift tag ideas but I opted for something simple. A red stock paper with hole punched to loop the ribbon and make a bow. Also, I think it will be nice to write the recipe for taco seasoning on the back of the tag.

Homemade Taco Seasoning use teaspoon, tablespoon or a large batch Ingredients  2 part chili powder (use 1 part if you prefer less spicy seasoning) 2 part ground cumin 1/2 part garlic powder 1/2 part onion powder  1/2 part smoked paprika 1/2 part dried oregano (I used ground but I read a lot of recipes using dried so if you have that I would recommend using dried) salt adjust as needed in the recipe Additional add-ons: crushed chili powder & ground coriander.

Combine everything and store in an airtight container 

Note - Do not get confused with garlic/onion powder and garlic/onion salt. Onion/garlic salt do contain salt while powder does not.   - I chose not to add salt in the seasoning mix just yet because depending upon the recipe I can always adjust it at the end which is also a great way to control sodium in your diet.  - I saw few recipes using corn starch and flour along with spices, not sure what that was for but would love to know if it makes any difference. 

Favorite recipe using taco seasonings: Chicken Tostadas Mexican Lasagna  Soy Nugget Tacos

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