Fitness Friday : Gym vs. No Gym


Few months ago I got my first ever gym membership.

I refused to join a gym

partly due to the cost and also because I like running outdoors for my exercise. So as a part of Fitness Friday, I am sharing my thoughts on gym vs. no gym..

Just like food, preference for exercise varies due to an individual's personal interest, age, health conditions etc and as long as we are moving our body in one way or another - I think that's pretty awesome. By no means I am trying to prove how joining or not joining a gym is better or vice versa, I just wanted to share my overall experience.- So Many Options:I am most excited about the equipment floor. Even though I still don't know how to use half the things properly but I am exploring different machines and using muscles I have never used before.- Group Classes:Number # 1 reason why I joined the gym. I have always enjoyed group workouts in college and I miss it. Turbo kick and yoga are my favorite.- Motivation (Money's Worth): Unlike parks, gym costs money and I want to go there as much as possible to get my money's worth. There is a higher level of motivation (or need to drag myself sometimes) and this way I can't really blame the weather either.

Is it for you or not? Joining gym does not guarantee your fitness. I know people who are part of the gym but hardly step inside and all they do is complain while others will make an effort to stay physically active via home workout videos, visiting parks etc. So it really comes down to your motivation and fitness goals.Here are few things I considered before joining the gym: - location/hours: is it close from my place?, when are they open (weekend/weekday schedule)?  - cost: instead of thinking is it worth my $$, I thought "how can I make $$ worth it" and nothing is more valuable than your health. Check their website or ask about discounts for $$ savings. - equipment/classes: As I mentioned earlier, these two were the main reasons for joining the gym because lately I have lost my enthusiasm for running and I found myself making excuses (mostly lame ones like weather, busy schedule) so it was necessary for me to find something else that I enjoy such as kickboxing class, yoga etc. I highly recommend taking a tour of the facility and attending their classes before signing up!

I have mostly had pleasant experience besides couple things:

- usually between 5-8pm (everyone loves this time), it gets really busy and chaotic, esp in the weight room. Waiting is NO fun.

- A yoga instructor (a mean one) kept on calling me out several times. I felt very uncomfortable and was very close to leaving in the middle of the class. Well, I never went back to it. PS. fitness instructors, please don't do that in public. 

- This is actually not a bad thing but there are days I will see someone with a really flat abs or toned muscle and it brings me down because I have a pooch here and less than toned muscle there. However, on good days, it drives me to work harder with a hope that I will maybe someday get there. 

PS. Check out Liz's post on how to pack for the gym

What are a few things you considered before joining or not joining the gym?

Any mean instructor(s)? How would you have handled the situation? 

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