Soba Noodle & Edamame Salad with Soy Dressing

cold-soba-noodle-salad-with-edamame.jpg took me a long time to get on the Soba bandwagon. I am not surprised though because I am always late catching up with food trends. Can you believe I still have not tried kale chips? Not even the store bought ones. And I have yet to perfect a cauliflower crust pizza that is not too soggy...long way to go. Anyways, before I digress, let's talk about a relatively new food trend, maybe old to some of you - soba noodles, a native Japanese noodles made of buckwheat and wheat flour. They look very similar to whole wheat spaghetti because of its thickness and darker color. Nutritionally speaking, they are slightly superior compared to the white flour pasta varieties because of their high fiber, low carbohydrate and calorie content; all of which have shown to help with weight management, controlling blood glucose, cardiovascular health, and helping with regular bowel movement. I made a cold soba noodle salad which I have been eating straight from the bowl standing by the counter top..and you all know how I feel about my salad - this is not  just any salad. Both the flavor and textures are spot on. It requires a few key ingredients from the pantry and comes together effortlessly within 30 minutes or less.  What more could you possibly ask for?

It's a very filling salad that can be eaten alone as a meal. I love how it stays well in the lunch box and you won't get tired eating again for dinner next day!  Feel free to add/substitute any other veggies like chopped cabbage or bell peppers but no compromises with the dressing. Since soba and edamame does not have much flavor in itself - they soak up the umami flavor from the dressing making every bite scrumptious. Soba Noodle & Edamame Salad with Soy Dressing 3-4 servings

Ingredients 5 ounce cooked soba noodles  1 carrots, spiraled or cut into thin strips(I used this)  1 cup edamame beans (steamed and removed from the pods) 2 scallions, thinly slices 1 tablespoon rice vinegar 2 tablespoon reduced sodium soy sauce  2 teaspoon miso 3 tablespoon sesame oil  1 tablespoon sesame seed scant red pepper flakes salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Directions - Cook noodles according to the directions on the package. - For the dressing:  stir together rice vinegar, soy sauce miso then whisk in sesame oil, sesame seeds and red pepper flakes. - In a big bowl, toss carrots, scallions, and edamame then pour the dressing and add noodles. Stir everything together, season with salt and pepper. - The salad may be served immediately or allow it to chill in the refrigerator covered.  - Garnish with additional sesame seeds before serving, if desired. 

Have you tried soba noodles yet?