Marvelous 30 Hours in Boston #MIMM



is taking a random trip to Boston for the weekend even if it meant red eye flight, delays, and only 30 hours to spare. 

Marvelous is the sunny weather, strolling through the beautiful Boston Common, the public park, and stopping by the gorgeous Restoration Hardware in Newbury street.  

Marvelous is eating, exploring, and more eating! It started with cupcakes and ended with sticky buns from some amazing bakeries in the area.

 At Georgetown cupcake. We had salted caramel, honey banana, and lemon blossom. Salted caramel was okay but the other two esp the honey banana frosting was delicious.

Marvelous is Japanese food (always) at Umai, one of the freshest sushi ever. We shared Chirasi Don (assorted fresh sashimi) and Newbury Maki (Salmon, avocado, tobiko and tempura flakes topped w/ a layer of spicy crab stick and squid, grilled to the perfection).

Not so marvelous is the feeling when we stopped at the Boston Marathon finish line, it was hard to believe such an uneventful thing happened here only two months ago. 

...If you are looking for authentic bread that is scratch mixed, hand shaped, and with no preservatives - Clear Flour is the place to be. This is the kind of thing I miss in Dallas.

Marvelous is their Bourbon Pecan Bars. We also tried their canales and soft German pretzels.

After drowning in sweets all day - we were ready for some spicy dinner at ShabuZen in China town. Marvelous is my first ever hot pot experience and I loved everything about it. The spicy broth, combination of so many flavors from meat, seafood, and vegetables - yum yum yum.

We shared between chicken, seafood supreme, and crab legs with Korean kim chee and Thai tom yum between three people and it was alot of food.  We also had seafood gyoza as an appetizer - sooo good.

More pastries at Haymarket was marvelous. Our first stop was Modern Pastry - I wanted to just live in this bakery, watch the crowd, and eat everything that was on the display but settled with ginarmous lobster tail, chocolate torrone, and pistachio cookies.

The mini cannoli (middle pic) was from next door cafe called

Vittoria Caffe

because they fill sweet crispy shells ricotta cream as you order unlike other places where the shells are pre-filled. The best cannoli's ever!



Flour Bakery

, owned by the pastry chef Joanne Chang. We tried their famous sticky buns. Side note: I am even not a sticky bun person but now I am a convert.

We got brunch at the South End (nothing too special) but that area was


. I would probably want to live there if I ever move to Boston. We made a quick stop at this gorgeous flower shop in Harvard square before heading to the airport.


not so marvelous

was the time for us to say good bye which we both were very sad about. 


is my pedometer, it showed that we walked about 16.7 miles = 37783 steps while we were there. 

 ...even though it's a rainy Monday and I am not very motivated right now - I am extremely thankful for today that I am healthy, I have a job, and I feel blessed to be surrounded by some amazing people in my life.

Sending you all lots of positive energy and marvelous thoughts. Katie @ healthydivaeats is about to be a mama anytime now - send her some love and check out other marvelous Monday posts.