Homemade Sushi:Futomaki & Uramaki California Rolls

My bucket list # 152455 Homemade Sushi. Mission accomplished!

If you are a sushi fanatic and would like to eat sushi on any given day, don't let anything stop you. Still wondering why I never attempted this sooner..you know what they say - things happen at the right time for the right reason - this quote is not even relevant here but whatever...just go to your nearest Asian or International supermarket and gather the essentials ASAP.

Rice: Not just any rice but make sure you have, short or medium grain, Japanese white rice or sushi rice. Cook rice according to the directions on the package. Allow it to cool and add rice vinegar, salt, and sugar to the cooked rice. This is a great link with detail instructions on cooking perfect sushi rice. 

Note: rice must be cooked completely and for best results- chill it before rolling but do not freeze it. 

The word sushi actually means 'vinegared rice'.  

Nori Sheets, also known as dry-roasted seaweed, is used for rolling sushi.  Tools: bamboo rolling mat & condiments are a MUST.

Gari, or pickled ginger, is a sweet, thinly sliced young ginger that has been marinated in a sugar and vinegar solution. It is often eaten between sushi dishes as a palate cleanser...Or secretly eaten straight up when no one is looking. 

Wasabi, commonly known as Japanese horseradish, is a member of the cabbage family. It has an extremely strong flavor and can potentially cause nose, throat, and head burning sensations. Exercise caution if you are new to this addictive green paste. 

Wasabi, when mixed with mayonnaise, makes a great condiment for sandwiches and fries.

And last but not least - God of all condiments in Asian cuisine - Soy sauce. Any kind will work.    Now its time for the fillings - your choices are endless. Possibilities are limitless! The different types and varieties of sushi boggles my mind but here is a great resource if you are interested. This is also a great time to bring out your sushi rolling bamboo mat that you have been wanting to use for years. Before using the mat, make sure it is dusted and cleaned. 

I made the most generic and common type of sushi usually found in America: Maki Rolls.

First I made Futomaki California rolls with sliced avocado, sliced cucumber and imitation crabs. Futomaki basically is a type of thick maki roll with nori sheets on the outside. Refer to the instructional video for rolling. Notes: Nori sheets have a rough and smooth side. Remember to put rice and other fillings on the rough side of the nori sheet so when you roll the smooth side is on the outside. 

Serve them immediately with a few drops of wasabi mixed in with soy sauce and cleanse your palate as necessary with the gari. Steamed edamame (soybeans) with sea-salt also makes for a great accompaniment. Actually, edamame is great with or without sushi.

Next I made Uramaki California rolls. The fillings are identical but in this type of roll, fillings are wrapped with nori sheets on the inside while the rice is on the outside surrounding the nori. It is then topped with sesame seeds. Check this video for tutorials. 

 Get your chopsticks ready and dig in!

because they will be gone FAST!

Except for cooking the rice correctly, which is a very important step - I really did not follow any recipe. Just watched a few instructional videos for rolling purposes. However, I am not a sushi expert - so feel free to use fillings of your choice and make the types of roll you desire. As long as you have the above mentioned sushi essentials, you should be able to enjoy making home-made sushi in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Hope you enjoy

-Do you like sushi? any favorites?

-If you have made/or make sushi at home, any tips/suggestions/filling ideas?