Spicy Chicken Buns Under Our Belt

So one of my friend has been raving about some chicken buns, supposedly amazing mom's recipe for past couple months! Just the way he talks about ..how he gobbled them down in 2 seconds, or can eat them straight for three meals, etc etc made me feel like I am seriously missing out on life or something..

...I even got the recipe down & everything but never made it.  well, it involves yeast. Yeast & I do not go well together..but my friend was here to save the day :) and we made his mom's amazing chicken buns together. 

Its a pretty flexible recipe for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians because you can do fillings of your own choice.. Make the fillings ahead of time and let it sit in room temperature.

Spicy Chicken Filling: sauteed onions, tomato paste & chicken with garam masala & red chilli powder, salt  


For the chicken: we marinaded boneless, skinless chicken with yogurt, tandoori spices, salt, & vinegar for couple hours in the refrigerator and baked them @ 400F until fully done. Whatever filling you choose, just make sure there is some kind of moisture/gravy. 

Here is the original recipe with very explicit directions. Even if you are not a baker, don't worry. Simply follow this recipe to a T and you will end up with beautiful buns :) 


Scroll down for the step-by-step direction

its very important to get the consistency of dough right so I let the dough-master to handle dough and yeast business and saved me some dirty hands.

after the dough rests for half an hour to an hour to rise..its time for the fun part of filling them!


Do not flatten the dough very thin otherwise the filling will sink in.the whole idea is to seal the edges and make them into a ball 

 Continue pinching, sealing the ends smoothly. Once you have finished filling the dough, place them on a baking sheet with aluminum foil, sprayed with cooking spray and brush egg wash all over it and then wait for the magic to happen in about 10-15 minutes!

and next thing you know- its ready...

 VERDICT: Need I say more?
After my first bite, I see why there was so much praising & love for the buns- they were perfectly done, slightly crispy on the outside & soft on the inside with flavorful chicken pieces..
now I don't blame him for eating three times a day..I probably could and will join him too!!