Homemade Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce

Homemade gnocchi has been on my bucket list for a long time..but the thing is I have never ever had it before, no never.. I got this gnocchi fascination from food shows where chef delicately make gnocchi in matter of half an hour or so, toss them with light tomato sauce or some butter with fresh herbs..the final product always looks so sophisticated yet very hearty & comforting at the same time.


Gnocchi is a soft dumpling like dish made with very few ingredients (you most likely already have in your pantry) aka potatoes, flour, egg & salt. I could not resist this gnocchi recipe from one of the food blogs I was scrolling through and I am glad I tried this one out..and guess what- its not difficult at all, its actually very easy!!
All you do is mix-mix, roll-roll and cut them into little pieces. Although it is recommended to buy potato ricer, I mashed potatoes with a knife until they were no longer lumpy. 
its a little messy process, in term of rolling out a rough. Make sure there is enough surface area to work on the dough..
I attempted to cut the dough- FAIL. I cut them little big than it is supposed to be because the dough actually swells up later. However, like last time with spicy chicken buns, 'dough master' helped me..



its time to boil these little guys now.. make sure you boil them in batches to prevent sticking and allow it to boil until they start floating on top for about 2 minutes.


this recipe makes alot of gnocchi. You can either boil everything and refrigerate it for quick lunch next day or store the dough in the freezer (if not using within 2-3 days) or refrigerate (if planning on using within 1-2 days). 
I made quick tomato sauce with fresh herbs: 2 tomatoes + few garlic crushed + 3-4 sprigs of fresh rosemary & thyme + salt & pepper. Saute them over medium heat with some olive oil and continue to cook until they reach slightly thick sauce consistency to pour over gnocchi!!


since I have never had this dish before today, I cannot tell much about it.. 
honestly, it was a total carb-bliss..very hearty, comforting, and something I could overload myself easily with. Well, I have an affair with carbs so that explains my love for gnocchi. The tomato sauce with herbs added a lot of flavor to the soft, heavenly gnocchi. 'Dough Master' said otherwise though- he loved the flavor but the texture was slightly sticky & would have preferred little sturdier feel.  AGREED!! 

I am linking this recipe to Tasty Tuesday & Tasty Tuesday Recipe Swap.