Starting Over to Get Where I Belong + Recipe

For past few weeks, I was off track, very off from my routine eating and exercise habits. I was fully aware of my lack of running as much and eating whatever...But secretly, I was enjoying that spontaneous irregularity in my life because for the longest time I had been somewhat stickler for a fairly balanced diet and regular exercise.. BUT it hit me hard as tried to get into one of my jeans, that pair fitted perfectly the last time - which probably was three weeks ago but yesterday, it was super tight to the point where I uncomfortable & little difficult to breathe.. and to reassure myself I stepped on my scale- and that was it.. I knew I had to get back into my old habits.. watch what I am eating and drinking and start exercising more regularly! 

....although I had only gained few pounds, I felt much heavier with overflowing muffin tops because like most of us, I also have an ideal image/body weight where I feel good about myself.. but drifting away from that was causing me to freak out a little.. because that is not who I am..balanced diet and exercise partially helps me shape who I am as a person. Therefore, I spent good chunk of yesterday contemplating how to get back to my old ways!! 

I started my day with 40 minute brisk walk and I am going to try stick to this 10 week plan. Another thing I need to focus more is cooking. I have not cooked as much as I should or did before and my reasoning has been "oh I live by myself, Its too much work, blah blah" but that has to change period.  I plan on cutting down eating out, do Meatless Monday more often & cook as many meals as I can, store/freeze them in order reuse it later.. 

Overall today was a great start with both food and workout, felt super motivated, happy, and energetic & hope this feeling never stops again :) 

Late breakfast consisted of Oatmeal cooked in almond milk, topped with frozen blueberries, cinnamon, & tad bit of brown sugar

I was in the kitchen, actually cooking a decent meal after a while this afternoon.. I wanted something easy, yet healthy & light...and given the Meatless Monday, I made lentil/cauliflower patties and served it over baby arugula and lemon-dill yogurt sauce on a whole wheat pita bread..

Red Lentil-Cauliflower Patties

Red lentil, boiled, and drained
Cauliflower, steamed and finely chopped
Mushroom, chopped
Garlic, crushed
Bread crumbs
Cooking spray
Cumin powder
Red chili pepper powder
Salt & Pepper to taste

- In a frying pan, add some cooking spray, saute garlic, mushroom and cauliflower for 3-4 minutes, add seasonings, stir and cook until soft
-Remove from heat, let it cool for few minutes and add the red lentils, bread crumbs to the mixture until well combined
-Roll them into a slightly flattened ball
-Shallow fry or using cooking oil spray over low-medium heat, fry the patties until browned on both sides


- I apologize for not measuring out the ingredients. I eyeballed everything and depending upon your taste/flavor preference feel free to add more veggies such as spinach, carrots, onions, or other spices. 

- This makes a great lunch/dinner next day too because you can simply freeze the patties before frying. Put them in a ziplock bag for later use.  I ate this patties with pita bread but you can use it as burger or simply add to your salad.

-Lemon-Dill Yogurt Sauce is probably the easiest yet delicious dressing and did I mention fat free ( if non-fat plain yogurt is used). Simply whip non-fat plain yogurt with dried dill powder, salt, lemon juice until you get the desired consistency.