Best Fall Baking Recipes

Since we are officially into the 2nd day of Fall, it’s only appropriate that I dedicate a whole post to Fall baking recipes – think pumpkin overload and warm spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves floating all over your house. Fall happens to be one of my favorite season but in Dallas, you really don’t experience much so I try to make up for that by eating as many Fall inspired foods as possible. If you live in areas where you see leaves changing colors, breathe cool, crisp air, please take an extra breath for me, will ya? So without further ado, here are some of my favorite Fall baking recipes from the past and some from the blogosphere that I can’t wait to try.


Pumpkin puree is the quintessential Fall ingredient – you can either get the canned variety or for fun, try making it at home.  I suggest making pumpkin spice immediately,  my girl Davida’s got you covered. 



Pumpkin spiced donuts should made at least a 2-3 times because they are just that good!



If you don’t have a donut pan, make pumpkin muffins instead (recipe via Smitten Kitchen).



How about some vegan pumpkin brownies with jaggery?



I tend to get carried away with pumpkins but let’s not forget apples – they are mighty delicious and perfect for baking. This apple cinnamon buttermilk bread – yum, yum, yum.



Apple crisp – best single serving breakfast ever!



Other drool-worthy Fall inspired recipes from the blogosphere:

pumpkin spice chocolate chip blondies

salted caramel apple tarts

pumpkin granola bars

apple walnut teacakes

apple fries with vanilla whipped cream 

Happy Fall my friends. I will be back with some savory Fall inspired meals soon until then stock up on pumpkin!

PS. Here is my pumpkin recipe roundup from last year.



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