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I had been wanting to do something little adventurous this summer, more than just a quick trip to Boston. Explore a new place, flirt a little with nature, and escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

The original plan was to hike and canoe but we ended up only canoeing because of the super hot Texas heat. 



We packed some snacks (Thin Mints & Homemade Granola). Carried our water bottles & sunglasses. And I gathered enough guts to canoe because I am really scared of water activities.

Besides few panic episodes due to water currents and unexpected bumps while paddling, it was a very calming experience followed by an intense upper body workout, mainly shoulder & triceps. 



…sometimes life gets monotonous, work no longer feels challenging.. You lose motivation of things you once loved.  Worries & troubles never seem to cease. 

But I have learned that – life goes on..sometimes you have take a step back, find new inspirations, do what you can, and simply hope for the best. 



Onto a totally different subject from canoeing & life but like I promised to some of you guys, I made and had my first ever kale chips. I get the hype now – it’s like eating your vegetables only in the form of salty, crunchy addicting chips. I was slightly disappointed to see how it shrunk from from a large bunch to a small plate – other than that it’s a great snack I will be making very regularly. 



Baked Kale Chips (from here)

1 kale bunch
about 1 tablespoon olive oil 
sea salt, to taste

-Preheat the oven to 300F.
Rinse kale and remove the stems and tough ribs. Tear into large pieces with your hand or cut them using a knife.
-Pat dry the kale leaves with a paper towel.
-Put kale leaves in a bowl, toss with olive oil and sea salt.
-Place leaves in a baking tray single layer lined with parchment paper or use Silpat. I did two separate batches to make sure its not overcrowded. 
-Bake for 20-22 minutes or until crispy. Check around 15-18 minutes. 
-Allow it to cool for a little bit then enjoy. 

I am not sure what is the shelf life or how you can store it because it didn’t last very long around me. I would love to know if you guys make it ahead. If so, how do you store it? Does it stay crispy?

Sending everyone lots of positive & refreshing thoughts. Have a great Monday. 



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