9 Last-Minute Valentine’s Date Ideas

Check out 9 Last-Minute Valentine’s Date Ideas (not your typical dinner and movies) for you and your someone special. 

Everyone is little different when it comes to date-nights. Personally I am into fun + laid-back activities that can be enjoyed by both of us. Instead of expensive gifts or things in general, I am fond of experiences // creating memories together such as traveling or a class. Like I said earlier, I don’t really have any plans yet and if you are anything like us, still not sure what to do this Valentine’s Day,  here are 9 Last-Minute Date Ideas to get you inspired.


Day trip: Take a quick day-trip to a nearby town. This is something I need to do more of because there are so many places I have yet to check out outside Dallas-Fort Worth (besides the obvious Austin and San Antonio). Check out local eateries, wineries/breweries, city tour, museums – whatever interests you!

Cook Dinner For Two : If you and your Valentine enjoy staying in (and avoid expensive pre-fixe menu or if it is too late for reservation), cooking dinner together is romantic and fun. You can do red-theme (or whatever like) or pick a cuisine that you both enjoy, or simply make pizza for two. Check out “Last Minute Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas” from last year and round up from 2015. Or, just order-in and whip up easy pots de creme + coffee // wine.


Drive-in movie: Why go to a regular theater when you can watch movie outdoors right? We have a drive-in movie in Fort Worth and it’s always fun. Pro-tip: I like to carry my own snacks and drinks (read:I sneak them in) because most places won’t allow you to bring outside food/drinks.

Take a class together: Groupon is a great place for classes in your area for things like dancing, painting, shooting-range, sculpture etc. If you both are into fitness, why not have a sweat-date instead? The boyfriend and I took a cooking class at Sur La Table and we had great time.



Outdoor picnic: This is probably my favorite of all if the weather is beautiful. You can go all out with cute picnic basket for your food and beverage needs, or wing it with Tupperware containers and Zip lock bags, which works just fine. Some picnic-friendly food recommendations: cold salads like this, this, and this, cheese + crackers, fruits (cherries, berries, peaches etc), and of course chocolate. Pick your favorite wine, bubbly, or sparkling water..Don’t forget blanket, cups, wine opener, paper towel, spoons, plates, forks etc.



Bike around town: If a day trip isn’t possible, how about exploring your own town in a bike. I don’t use my bike nearly enough but when I do, it’s always fun. If you don’t have a bike, check if you can rent one in your town.

Book a spa session: Who doesn’t love a day of relaxation + pampering? I am sure you can snag a good Valentine’s day special. Otherwise, create a stay-at home romantic spa! 

Staycation: My first official staycation was last year and I am already looking forward to another one. It is a perfect way to explore your own neighborhood, lounge around, try different restaurants, or catch up with your friends over lunch. I am totally rooting for a staycation this Valentine’s day.



Scavenger hunt: If creativity and adventure is your forte, scavenger hunt is for you. You can put clues around town, in your house, in the backyard whatever works. Here is a free printable and fun ideas and tips!

So let’s talk Valentines/Galentines day plan? Are you into it?

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