5 Travel Carry-On Essentials

If you are reading this post past 9 am central time, I am probably on air, en route to Mexico for the week!!!! We have a wedding to attend in Guadalajara, a quick stop in Mexico city to see Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon, and the trip will end in Cancun (give the girl sunshine, food, and relaxation). You can follow me on snapchat (dixyab) or instastory for a sneak peek of Mexico trip depending upon the wifi situation. I don’t travel as much as I would like to but it ends up being 5-7 times a year. Over the years, I have figured out what I really need (vs. want) in my carry-on when I am traveling to make the whole experience easier, lighter, and purposeful. Here are my 5 Travel Carry-On Essentials that I almost always have with me.


Travel-Size Toiletries : Travel-size toiletries (2 oz) such as hand lotion, chap stick, and sanitizer are a MUST! I also carry my fav. rollerball perfume & hand and face wipes.

Magazine // Books : Traveling is the best time to read magazines that stayed untouched for months..or book (soft cover) On my Mexico trip, I am reading Alice Walters and Chez Panisse.

Snacks : Depending how long the flight is, I almost always pack snacks. Some of my fav things to pack are – granola bars, fruits such as apple, grapes, oranges, roasted chickpeas, crackers, trail mix or granola.

Chewing Gum // Mint : I don’t know what is it about flying but gum/mint helps me feel refreshed (and take care of bad breath) during and after the flight. If you have issues with ear popping, chewing gum helps release the pressure and discomfort as well.

Water Bottle : If you are a constant water drinker, invest in a good water bottle to carry with. It is cheaper than buying bottled water, helps reduce waste, and you won’t have to bug the flight attendant for water, especially during short flights. Just make to empty the water bottle before security check and refill it before boarding your flight.

So these are my 5 Travel Carry-On Essentials, of course along with my ID/passport, credit card/cash, phone charger, and a headphone.

Your turn – tell me what’s always in your carry-on?

Have a lovely weekend.

Dixya Bhattarai

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