5 Nepali Recipes for Dashain

Rounding up my favorite 5 Nepali Recipes to enjoy during Dashain (or any other time)!

Dashain, the most auspicious and biggest Nepali Hindu festival starts tomorrow. It is a 15 day long celebration symbolizing the victory of gods over demons. It’s so much more than just that but I am not an expert so let’s focus on the exciting part, all the food that is eaten during Dashain. Here is a short recap on “Celebrating Dashain in Nepal” from 2013 (sorry about the blurry pictures) if you interested. Every family is little different when it comes to celebrating Dashain as they have unique traditions, customs, and family recipes..I am rounding up 5 quintessential Nepali Recipes that I remember eating during Dashain in Nepal with my family.



All recipes just happen to be gluten-free & there are some vegetarian options as well.

Goat Pakku : Goat is a popular choice of meat during Dashain among Nepali people because it is relatively expensive than chicken or water buffalo so people look forward to eating goat around this time of the year.  Goat meat is one of those things you either like it or don’t….I LOVE IT. Goat is marinated with lots of spices and cooked in low heat for a long time so the texture of goat pakku is really tender & flavorful. Everyone does goat pakku differently, so it is a treat when you visit your relatives house during Dashain & you get to try different variations of goat pakku!

Click Here for my family’s recipe for Goat Pakku.



Cauli Aloo : Cauli aloo is my favorite dish all year long but it is extra special during Dashain. Cauli Aloo is a pretty standard vegetable dish and usually loved by everyone! My favorite is my mom’s recipe (plus there are some helpful tips).

My mom’s Cauli Aloo Recipe



Bhatmas Sadheko is a soybean salad that is enjoyed as an appetizer, side dish or a snack during get togethers. It is also served as a part of Newari platter (remember my extravagant foodie pic)! Since it can be made ahead, people typically enjoy Bhatmas Sadheko while drinking and/or playing cards with their friends and families.

Quick Bhatmas Sadheko Recipe



Mula Ko Achar : aka fermented radish pickle is something you have to plan in advance as fermentation takes time. My mouth is watering as I type because this stuff is really good. If you have tried kimchi and enjoyed it, you will most likely enjoy Mula Ko Achar as a side. It has a strong smell….

Small batch Mula Ko Achar Recipe



Sikarni (whipped hung yogurt with cardamon and nuts) : It may not sound anything special but a good Sikarni is heavenly! It takes a little bit of prep (mostly inactive time) but every spoon is so creamy & worth it.

Here is my Sikarni Recipe



I’d like to wish all my Nepali families & friends a very happy Dashain!

To non-Nepali friends, have you heard about Dashain?

Which Nepali recipe would you like to try? If you end up making it, I’d love for you share your creation using @foodpleasurehealth

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