3 Favorite Yoga Studios in Fort Worth

I have been steadily practicing yoga at home for about 2 years and just recently, I started venturing out to different yoga studios in Fort Worth. Practicing at home has been challenging lately because there’s always never ending “list of things to do”, so I intentionally step out of the house to dedicate that time to myself for yoga. My friend Priyanka introduced me to ClassPass, an app that allows you to take different fitness classes anywhere with one membership. I love the flexibility and cost for my lifestyle so I am going to continue that for now. If you are new to ClassPass or want to give it a try, use this link for $30 off your first monthly : http://class.ps/nVLgO

I have tried many yoga studios in Fort Worth and here are my 3 Favorite Yoga Studios for a variety of reasons. First of all, I have found these three yoga studios to be body neutral, encouraging you to accept the body you are in and focus on its achievements, rather than its appearance. The instructors do not bring up diet/food talk and there are different classes offered in each studio to match my energy and style.


Soul Sweat is my preferred studio of choice for “hot yoga” and upbeat flow class like Hot Soul Sweat 60. The studio has 2 beautiful, spacious rooms with infrared heat and well-stocked bathroom. The classes are usually very full so I would suggest going there a little early to grab your spot. Stay tuned on their social media for community classes ($5 happy hour class) & acro workshops. Drop in : $19/class, includes mat and towel.


1217 8th Ave. Suite 201 | Fort Worth, TX





Indra’s Grace is my go to studio when I need to destress, manage my anxiety, and really connect with my body, mind, and soul. I love Gentle and Restorative Yoga & Slow Flow Yoga after a long week or a difficult day. The space is very calming and the class size is typically small, which I appreciate a lot. Besides yoga, they hosts a lot of workshops on meditation & reiki. PS. They provide mats and props free of charge! Drop in : $18/class


620 S Jennings Ave| Fort Worth, TX




For me personally, The Sanctuary Yoga Room is a good blend of Soul Sweat Yoga & Indra’s Grace. They have a mix of strong, flow classes as well as restorative, slow classes so there’s always options for me to choose from depending on what my body is wants. I go to this studio when I don’t want to practice “hot yoga” but want a good flow class. I particularly enjoyed the Clearfork location, which sadly is closing from next week but they have another location on Hulen (same complex as Trader Joe’s) PS. They provide mats and props free of charge! Drop in : $17/class


2735 Hulen St | Fort Worth, TX





If you are not able to join studio at this time, you can still practice yoga at home and get all the beautiful benefits for your mind, body, and soul.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I do not have any affiliations with ClassPass or any of the studios mentioned above.

Do you have a favorite yoga studio in Fort Worth?

What are some things you look for in a yoga studio?



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